Relighting The Fire

2010 has been a weird year for me to say the least. This is the year I turn 30 (October 14th), and on my 29th birthday last year, I decided to make an effort to make it a special year (treat it as if I was turning 18). My previous three birthdays had been really rough on me. A week after my 26th birthday, my grandma passed away from cancer. The next year, my 27th birthday, I started freaking about the fact that I was slowly closing in on 30. The worse part about that birthday was that on the next day, my mom committed suicide (unsuccessfully fortunately). Then for my 28th birthday, I was still freaking out about turning 30, and freaking out about the one year anniversary of my mom's suicide attempt. So as my 29th birthday came up, I decided that I needed to break the cycle of all the negative things that surrounded by birthday from years past. Last year, because of my employment situation, I made the leap to further my trust in God.

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