Broken WIngs
Im an angel with broken wings
Waiting for someone to patch me back up
Hard to believe the way I've been living is so deadly
Waiting to kill; slowely and silently
Like a snake stalking it's prey
A shadow that will never go away
Just waiting for the right time to strike
The darkest time of the night
When there's no light &
you think you can't win your fight
But it's still to hard to give up
Since I've come so far
I have people that I know I can trust
But it might not be enough

I wrote this poem about a month ago. I've actually had a dream kind of about this(not really) Idk; you can tell me what you think
My dream, I was on a street corner drunk & high as can be and I was surrounded by these dark shadows. The dark shadows were coming at me, attacking me from all sides(front,back,left & right). Finally I fell to my kneens and there was a bright light. Then I woke up

Leap of Faith

Tonight is the big night I am performing in the play The Crucible it is the bigest play i have ever done and that is a big thing for me to say since I have been acting at the age of five. I cant believe who i have become over the years I never thought I would be who I am now if it wasnt for what God has done for my life.


This year has been my year of risks. I have taken risks that I would never have taken before....I have giving up dating I am waiting for college to start again of cours I still want a boyfriend but after what happened last year I think its time to look ahead at what I am given. I now believe that God has taken me away from the things I want and is giving me the things I need to get through the rest of highschool and my life. For me a risk is not what most people think it is (Definition of Risk from "exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous chance: It's not worth the risk. ") yes I have taken risks like that but I have given up a life of hate for those that have hurt me in one way or another, I am learning that I cant hate what God has done to my life but take it in as a gift of learning and growth in my life and soul.



hey barlow girl u guys are awesome your songs really speak to me and i love your story.

Concert Last Night

Last night was the most amazing concert I have ever been at. I don't know if Alyssa was talking specifically to me but she sure kept looking in my eyes when she talked about someone in the front struggling with a fathers love and trying so hard to be accepted by him. I now realize for the first time ever that I need to be accepted my my true father in heaven most of all and I can turn to him at any time even when I feel as though my earthly father has let me down. Thank you all so much for something so amazing last night. I hope to see you again in concert that would be wonderfull! : )