BarlowGirl vs. The ACT

Alyssa Barlow was kind enough to share with her twitter followers that she and her sisters will be playing at the Apple store in Chicago on December 12th. I was super excited to discover that the 12th was a Saturday, meaning I could actually go! But then. But then I realized that oh, what's that, I'm supposed to be taking the ACT that day. The lovely, horrible, wonderful, disgusting ACT. So what's to do but skip the ACT. And I know, you're probably thinking that I'm a slacker. And while that is true to a degree, I have made one of my infamous lists - you have to make a list - weighing the pros and cons, and hello, BarlowGirl wins. Pretty much a no brainer.

-I've already taken the ACT twice.
-I improved my score the second time I took it.
-I've already been accepted to my first choice school with the score I have now.
-I used a fee waiver for the test, so I won't be losing money.
-BarlowGirl is cooler than the ACT. That's a given.


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You Think There is Nothing Great About You, But There Is.

Deep inside, your a light. Just waiting to peak out. Your special, (in a good way!) God made you to be someone, and you are loved. Even if you don't think so, or don't wanna be. Your Loved. So hold you head up high, and think "I Am Loved."
P.S. Look up on YouTube "More Beautiful You" By Jonny Diaz.

I was bored cause were out for Thanksgiving break & I took a quiz on
The quiz was "what's the best thing about you" and that was my result. So yeah that's hard for me to believe.

Beautiful Ending


I really just wanted to tell you I heard this song in a talent show tonight. I'd never heard it before, at least i don't think I had. This little girl who had a pretty good voice sang this song over a track. Even though she wasn't a great singer and the track was a little lame I could tell how good this song was. I googled it and found out who you guys are, came home listened to your track and now I'm going to order your album. By the way you are all gorgeous girls, Good luck.

simply just showing love

The moonlit night

The clouds jumping through the sky

The mighty roars of the winds

Echo through the alleys way

He stand there dressed in dark clothes

Wondering if the world will ever know

The whispers of his thoughts linger into the crisp night air

Will I die here wondering if a family a waits at the home?

Heart’s a beating fast pulsating through his garments

Will someone tell me I am loved?

Will they accept me for what I have done?

He tries to get the spiders off his arm

Plucking with a razor

Wondering why they stay there

A hallucination in his mind

He sees a man walking

Towards him the man comes

The man says the boys name in the calmest of tone

The boy’s heart beats a rhythm

But his mind wonders

It hurts he screams, but no sound

Will you help me, sir?

With arms wide open

The man says ‘I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH’

The boy begin to cry out desperately

Spirit descends upon him

the feeling of being loved..loved by Jesus

when His Saving Grace moves through me covers me I see His glorious shining light from His face shower down upon me. Its like He picks me up and embraces me in His ever enduring love. His mighty arms wrap around me while His blood, the blood He shed upon the cross washes me clean day by day my heart and mind renews in His name.

I am free from all sins NO MORE shall hatred to myself or to others control me, my attitude.

May the Lord rise rise RISE UP in me and boldness comeforth in Him, i speak out about His loving endureing neverending everlasting grace and love flowing down upon me as my faith continues to look up. and my past of fleshly desires don't have a grip whatsoever on me.

For satan can't touch me.. haha. Jesus is my Protector, my Strength, my Shield, my Shelter, my EVERYTHING. I need to draw nearer to Him I will saturate myself in His Holy Word. and to be rooted deeply in His love to me.