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Nuff said.

When I think of God

When I think of God I just want to cry because I know he loves me even though I am a sinner and I mess up way to many times. Sometimes I ask myself why did God make me and let me live and now that I'm much older and I'm growing stronger in my faith I just want to thank him. I think that God has a plan for everyone and I'm studying his word and begin to wonder what he has for me to do. I think when people hear the Name God they put themselves in a shell because they are afraid of him. They are afraid that if they go to him he'll put them to death because they have sinned. But God is a God that spares many people of there evil deeds and he spared them by sending his only son to take there punishment. This God loves everyone and wants the best for them and if they are feeling troubled they can open his word for encouragement and they can talk to him through prayer. Another cool thing about God is if people ask him to heal a loved one of a sickness they can ask him through prayer.


So I was wondering a couple things:
1st - who writes all of your lyrics/music? Is it a collective effort, or does one of you over the others take the lead?
2nd - I was wondering if you could put on your web site what inspires your songs. Like what kind of things you were thinking/feeling when you decided to write something. For example, "Harder Than The First Time" what was the lightning bolt that woke you up? I think all Christians go through this, but its always really cool to see how God wakes us up to how wonderful He is.

My Thoughts On Church

The word I want to talk about today is the word Church. When I was a little boy I always heard the word Church on Sundays and Wednesdays. Lets get ready for Church, John Paul get ready for Church. I have heard that word in that sentence for nineteen years. When I was little I always thought that Church was a building and HA! It is but I want to write about what this word really is. Now most people don't go to church anymore because they might have gotten so sick and tired of it. I mean it's the same thing over, you sing a few songs, take communion and give money when the collation plate was passed around and then the Pastor gets up and gives his sermon. Sounds boring right? Well the Church that I know now is not like that; the church I know now is the people that make the church. The Church is the people not the building! I would like to give a few examples of some of the people that I know that really resemble the church. My Mother, Andy Derick, Michael Boccum, Michael M.

My Thoughts on Music

When I first really started listening to music it was in 2000 to 20004. The music I listened then was music from a radio station called 971 The Eagle a hard rock station. The music it played was music that didn't have a good message and it was cut off in the summer of 2004. When it was shut off I had nothing to listen to until I was introduced to a radio station called 897Power The Christian Rock Station. This station plays rock, hard rock and a little bit of rap but the cool thing was that it was music that was Christian. The first song that I heard on this station was called Never Alone by an all girl band from Chicago. This band's name is Barlow Girl and they are sisters who are living out their faith by waiting for God to bring them and there husbands together. The song Never Alone was based on a scripture in the book of Romans. Romans chapter 8:34-39 34Who is he that condemns?