First blog entry - What should I write?

Hello there!
Well, as you've noticed, this is my first blog entry here. And, honestly, I don't know what I wanna write. I just know that I want...more than that, I know that I NEED to write something.

Have you ever felt like there was a huge party going on your thoughts and feelings? (I really hope you say "yes", otherwise I may think that I'm a little crazy). I woke up today with this "hangover kind of feeling"... things are weird, I'm not excited about absolutely nothing! (not even with my b-day tomorrow) There's a lot in my mind and heart, but nothing in particular.

So I decided to write it down, to put my heart and thoughts on the screen. Maybe this'll help me organize the mess that's inside of me.


Ok, so...Hey, I am WolfGirl1931, and I Love BarlowGirl. I am so excited that i have tis account and that it works!! yay!! I am Christian and currently go to church on sundays and tuesdays for bible study. I also like to read. my favorite books are: Twilight Saga, Maximum Ride series, Harry Potter series, and a whole lot of, that is just a little bit of me in a nutshell...hopefully i can start using this blog more often...



Hey, I was looking at your pictures, and I was at RevGen too! We had to be standing near each other cause our pictures are at the same angle! COOL!

Sunday School

on sunday my sunday school class that i teach was talking about individuality, and that was amazing!!
i am sooo glad that they are impressing things like that to them while they are young
i had alot of troublw with things like that, especialy in their grades- 4&5
these kids are learning to be themselves,and to love that about themselves
they sang thios song and the lyrics were-
"Anybody can be like Everybody
Nobody can be like you or me"
sure it was kinda juvenile but the meaning is there and prevenlant
God didnt make you to be like the person who sits beside you
if He did-you'd be her


Hey Ya'll yeah i just said "ya'll" Im from Georgia and i am new to this thing so if i stick SAWY!!!! anyway life is awesome especiallly since God gave me ears to hear such a wonderful band! As you May not know i have been in foster care for about 12 years..yeah a long time, i know! So being able to go to concerts is awesome thing you see i love Barlowgirl songs. I mean they all seem to go strtaight to my heart. And im blessed evrytime i hear them. And thank you Laurnen,Alyssa,And Bekka For taking your time to do what God wants ya'll to do in your life! GOd Bless you All So Much!