My Favorite Songs on Love & War

This album is such an inspiration and heartfelt blessing to all of us. The songs truly speak out beautiful messages that touch our hearts. My favorite songs on the album would be, "Come Alive", "Beautiful Ending", "Stay With Me" , "Hello Sunshine", "Sing Me A Love Song" and "Tears Fall." I like all of the songs, but these are my favorites!!!

the 25th!!

I am finally going to see BG in concert next friday and I am so excited! The last time I saw them live was way back when they toured with Kutless and Stellar Kart. I remember few people knew who they were but by then I had fallen in love with their CD and knew every word to every song. It was great and then getting to meet them afterwards was something special for me. Since then they have gained alot more fans and alot more success and I am so excited to see them on a co-headlining tour. I got front row tickets for the show in Davenport and I am counting down the days. I can't wait to hear them perform songs off the amazing new album 'love and war' I can't wait to sing along to every word and note. Its gonna be awesome! :)

Pre-buy package

I bought the pre-buy package #2 and since my poster wasn't autographed I called the number and they said that, that was a mistake and it wasn't supposed to be autographed. So I was a little disappointed but I was glad that the cd was autographed. I heard a bunch of people on Facebook making comments saying they didn't get their poster signed so I just thought I would let everybody know who wanted to! :D


TODAY WAS THE WORST DAY EVER! ok well i got my phone taken away but i guess i know hy cuz i like wanted to get on the roof and my dad got like super mad at me and then we had to talk and then he made me late for my worship team practice which is not goo dcuz i play drums tommrow nite and we had to learn a new song tonite too and i play that new song tommrow nite and i didnt know ihave nevr heard of that song in my entire life!

Favorite song?!?

What is your favorite song of Barlowgirl's?? (On any of their album's)