Free Online Songwriting Course Preview Live With Ginny Owens 09/29/09

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 at 9PM Eastern Time

Everybody Has Something To Say
“My songs are my journal entries. Sometimes they’re simply my observations of the world around me; sometimes they’re the conversations that I’m neither brave nor articulate enough to have with others.”

Ginny Owens has been turning those journal entries and otherwise inarticulate conversations into music and lyrics for a decade now. Four critically acclaimed studio projects, a live CD and DVD recorded at the House of Blues in New Orleans, and a Christmas album have comprised Owens’ first ten years of musical offerings.

Ginny's Accomplishments

Degree in Music Education from Belmont University
Publishing Deal with BMG Music
Record Deal with Rocketown Records
Nearly 1 Million Records Sold
Performed More Than 1500 Concerts
Performed at Lilith Fair
Performed at The Sundance Film Festival

Former SPers Unite! haha

Ello! bLuE04 here... So, I thought after chatting with former SPers on the live chat tonight, I'd post a blog! I would love to reconnect with everyone! So, if you are a former SPer, then by all means add me as a friend! :D
I know a lot of you guys are still sad that SP closed. But the Girls were only following what they felt God were telling them to do. And now we have this community on their new website! We also have Facebook and Myspace! Woot! :D
So until next time ya'll...

I looooove barlowgirl

we are not blind, we know the truth
still we don't stand, still we don't choose
we'd rather stay so comfortable
stuck in our worlds under control
We may not pull the trigger but we
stand by and watch and pretend not to see
silence is worse, than evil done,
what in the world have we become?
running out of time (by barlowgirl)

BarlowGirl Live Chat Questions...

So for all who missed the BarlowGirl Live Chat, here are some of the questions they answered, I didn't get them all. But they answered about 6-8 questions and sang "Stay With Me". So here are some of the questions:
Betty asked: What is Lauren's real hair color?
Lauren said: brown
Sarah asked: How do you chose who gets to sing lead vocals?
BarlowGirl said: They said they ask what they feel like singing, and what they are going through in their life right now. And they also said that sometimes it's just obvious, like if you get a rock song, Alyssa said that that would be something Lauren would have to sing, because of the differences in their singing voices.
Mariah asked: What does Lauren's necklace say?
Lauren said: It's the Italian word for love. And she got it because it's been their dream to go to Italy.

So this is all the questions I got. Sorry if you missed the live broadcasting!!!

MEET them

I want to meet them before I die.