oh life

Well, I started this, not knowing what it was, and I am excited to see that it is a blog!

Well, life has thrown me some curve balls recently. And I am having a hard time with some of the things going on. I know that God has an amazing perfect plan, and I know that He only wants the best for me... So, why must it hurt so much? Why must I feel this pain?

The Awe of His Beauty

we rarely think of the earth around us. Everytime time i do think of the beauty God created with a sound booming from the Heavens, i am just in awe.

ever think of the way the flowers bloom. from the seed to a beautiful creation bloomin to worship the God. how it goes from little blob to gorgeous flower reaching for the heavens.

or ever think music. God created it so beautifully that you can put two chords together and BAM! a song sung for Him.

or the fact that we are on a round ball that keeps our feet on the ground through gravity.. the sun we rotate around.... stars floating in midair.. HELLO!!! thats just mindblowing
WOW!!! how just how can that be....? simply the answer is..GOD.

Love And War...

Oh, I was soo happy when I saw on iTunes that BarlowGirl had a new album :D I luv their voice they have such talent!
AHHH! haha, now I'm too hyper ^.^

BarlowGirl's hidden song

Does anyone know if it's still possible to download the hidden song "image" from barlowgirl's first cd? I've had it for a long time but just found out about the song. I put it in the computer and the only thing that comes up is a page that tells about the hidden stuff and then the fervent records website comes up too.

beautiful ending

i'm learning how to play piano this semester and i just listened to BarlowGirl's song beautiful ending. i love the song so much and really would love to learn how to play it on the piano. does anyone know where i could get the piano music sheet for this song? BarlowGirl's new album is amazing. :)