New poem


Just cause my arms are red with blood
And have scars that will always show
Does not make me a freak
Or make me suicidal
Just cause I have scars
Don't mean you can judge me
When you don't know the other half
You have yet to give me a chance
To show you who I really am & what I have to bring
You don't know what goes on inside
The pain & hurt I feel; that's eating me alive
You don't know these things because I cover up my feelings
Of the strife & regret that fills my life
With a mask; I wear this mask to cover the weeping from deep within
Only to make you think Im a happy-go-lucky girl
But the actual truth is far from that
But what you don't won't hurt me
Cause I know how JUDGEMENTAL you can be

I wrote this poem last night; cause I could not get this one incident out of my head it actually happened on the bus a few weeks ago.


AHH! I am going to a Barlow Girl concert tomorrow:)
I am SOOO excited, words can't even describe it!
I am going with my Best Friend, my sister, my Best Friends mom, and My friends friend.
This is the first concert i have ever gone to, so i am double excited!!
I love Barlow Girl, along perfoming with them is Super Chick
and Vota. Who I REALLY like also, they have such great music!
Since i have found out i was going to this concert, i have watched
all the Barlow Girls podcasts they made on their account
and been listening to them, superchick, and Vota like crazy!
and looking up all about them:)
I will try to post pics, and maybe videos after the concert!



Broken WIngs
Im an angel with broken wings
Waiting for someone to patch me back up
Hard to believe the way I've been living is so deadly
Waiting to kill; slowely and silently
Like a snake stalking it's prey
A shadow that will never go away
Just waiting for the right time to strike
The darkest time of the night
When there's no light &
you think you can't win your fight
But it's still to hard to give up
Since I've come so far
I have people that I know I can trust
But it might not be enough

I wrote this poem about a month ago. I've actually had a dream kind of about this(not really) Idk; you can tell me what you think
My dream, I was on a street corner drunk & high as can be and I was surrounded by these dark shadows. The dark shadows were coming at me, attacking me from all sides(front,back,left & right). Finally I fell to my kneens and there was a bright light. Then I woke up

Leap of Faith

Tonight is the big night I am performing in the play The Crucible it is the bigest play i have ever done and that is a big thing for me to say since I have been acting at the age of five. I cant believe who i have become over the years I never thought I would be who I am now if it wasnt for what God has done for my life.


This year has been my year of risks. I have taken risks that I would never have taken before....I have giving up dating I am waiting for college to start again of cours I still want a boyfriend but after what happened last year I think its time to look ahead at what I am given. I now believe that God has taken me away from the things I want and is giving me the things I need to get through the rest of highschool and my life. For me a risk is not what most people think it is (Definition of Risk from "exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous chance: It's not worth the risk. ") yes I have taken risks like that but I have given up a life of hate for those that have hurt me in one way or another, I am learning that I cant hate what God has done to my life but take it in as a gift of learning and growth in my life and soul.