The first of many to come

I am writing this just to let people know who i am. To start out with my name I am Meaghan Pierce but I like going by Meg, I turned 17 last month on 9/11. I am dealing with some of the hardest things in the world I am working through my depression and eating disorder that has been with me since I was 10. I will never be able to be rid of this for good but I can control it. It became harder my 9th grade year when they told me I have Mononucleosis or Mono and it is a type that i have to live with for the rest of my life most of my friends call it the STD version of Mono after that day I began to get sicker but we never knew why. As I was getting sick I went through a very hard break up with the guy that had given me, my first kiss. On February 14th he broke up with me for someone else I only got back to being my old self a year later.

I am amazed

I just wanted to blog here that I think what you're doing is amazing.
May God grace you and make you ever more fruitful.


After the last couple months, I can see a healing taken place within me. I have been living up in the state of Wisconsin for about 3 years now and have felt very alone. I use to live in Tennessee and was constantly surround by family and friends, but up here I have my husband's family and not really any close friends. But, in August, when I started to feel depressed due to the medication I was on, I wanted to kill myself to stop the pain. I believe God knows the pain I was suffering because he sent my friend, Kerrie to me to help me. She asked me to be a part of the praise band at our church because she said that God was telling her to. Every since then, I am no longer thinking of killing myself like I was. I am healing. I have no more migraines ever since I went to the Barlowgirl concert at High Point Church (Madison, WI). I feel like I need to say this because if people hear my story, they know we all have similiar stories. God can heal anything. He knows our suffering.



Funny videos.

Trusting God with your future

The following quote in wikipedia at from the Barlow sisters caught my attention:

"We believe that God has one perfect man already chosen for us; therefore we have no need to worry ourselves in searching for him. When the time is right, we know God will bring us together. In the mean time, we are not hiding in a closet avoiding all males, we are still living our lives, just without the pressure of having to have a boyfriend."

Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 7:32-35 that unmarried life makes it easier for us to focus on the most important thing in life - God.