Hey Barlow girl fans! I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to be on here and I am so thankfull that god has sent Barlow girl to minister to people just like me and you. I turned on my tv one day and never alone came on and I just fell in love with the song so I looked it up on the web and I found this website, , and I found out that they have so many more songs and that is just awesome!!!!!!!!!!! So anyway I just wanted to say thank you so very much and to all those out there, I love you!!!!!!!!


another unfinished and unsent letter.

(This letter is long over due. So here it is. Whether you discover it and read it, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.)

Please, forgive me if it bothers you. But, I found and read your blog.
And I'm sorry for your loss of friendship with your best friend.

dear sissy.

My heart is broken for you. Remember? You always wanted a little sister or brother. And one day you got both. You have a little sister and a little brother. Even if only half.

And I can only hope you're still alive and well. I can only hope.. Because I really don't know how you're doing. Because now you're living like an only child again that you had been for so long. But it's only half.

Because we all three have those memories growing up as siblings. I'm sure of it. How could we forget? We looked up to you then you know, Sissy.

And we're still alive and well--you're half little sister and little brother.

For now though, my only two allies in this world are my brothers...our brothers. Our little brother. And our Heavenly Brother.

you will even remember my name?

Many times in the last few weeks I have begun to write you a letter.

Sometimes I think it'll be a passive letter either as a blog here on my barlowgirl (like this) or as a note over on facebook.
Sometimes I think it'll be a direct letter and that I will really send it to you either in the snail mail or from one of my to one of your email addresses.

The letter seems to begin great, but I quickly run out of words to say. You know the feeling? You have so much to say yet you come up completely at a loss for words? I end up setting the letter aside and so it is never finished, let alone sent to you.

I really wanna sum it all up in these simple words though, and, because I can, I will:

And I guess that I just miss you still.

And it feels as though you never will.

(Miss me back.)

Can you promise me (can you) in a few years (promise) you will even remember my name?
((Image of God by BarlowGirl))

wonder just what you are.

You showed up in my dream again last night..
I told you that you're my best friend
you see,
you used be mine
I consider you one
even still..
Even in this silence.
Even with all these miles between us.
And I fear my head knows:
our friendship is over,
or at least, at an acquaintanceship.
But my heart longs to believe we are still:
best friends
(even more than that)
Do you not remember what that means?
Maybe you don't.
Maybe you won't.
(Bound in Christ.)
I believe we are still sisters B.C.
And I miss you..

I wish I didn't have these doubts.
I wish I didn't have to wonder just what you are doing now.
((Wishes by Superchick))