Bible Museum tour summer 2012

Bible Museum tour summer 2012

From 2008 to 2012 I have had the privilege and honor of traveling to Perth Western Australia and London England. These two trips to the other side of the world were very powerful and insightful. In Perth Western Australia I worked as a manager for a basketball team and was a youth intern at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. While I lived in Perth I made friends that helped shape me into who I am today. In 2010 I went to London England over spring break. While I was there I met up with my neighbor Allison Kaye Parker who is the mother of one of my closest and dearest Australian mates. When I met up with her in London that was the highlight of my trip because, I have not seen her in two years. Those two trips were very life changing and insightful but the Bible Museum tour of 2012 was the trip that changed my life forever. This trip made me feel ecstatic about my faith and the Bible.

Love part 3

It's been a long time since I wrote a blog I think it's almost been a year and a half. So for those who read my blogs and get encouragement from I'm sorry for leaving you hanging, I've just been on a writing hiatus I guess you could say. It's been very hard for me to come up with something inspirational and uplifting but I think I just found one, or at least I hope. After you read this blog you might jump to some crazy conclusions like he's gone crazy, or he doesn't know what he's talking about, or he's gone off the deep end and becoming very judgmental. I assure you I'm not being judgmental and not the judging type but I have learned a few things that might help couples. Now I know what you're thinking this guy is trying to help couples and he's single this is weird! Yes I know this sounds weird because I'm single but during this time of being single I have learned a lot about relationships, love and marriage. I will put out what I have learned and hope it helps.

Sad Farewell

Hey BarlowGirl,

I was unable to watch your last session but I just watched the recording and let me tell you I was crying right along with you. I think I speak for everybody in that we will miss you dearly! I just wanted to say how much your music has touched my life in the past 10 years especially this last month. I unfortunatlly just lost my cat and grandmother both to cancer and mother is in the hospital for another back surgery so I have retreated to music where I have grown up. I just turned 15 and I have grown up in a house fulll of pain but also music and I love learning and listen to God through music. This past month though hard some of what has helped me to get through it has been your music because it sends a message of strength through my heart. I really can't thank you enough for your wonderful ministry and can't say how much we all will miss you! God has something amazing planned for your lives and I know he will lead you in the right direction!

So sad!

I can't believe you all are done! I am so sad! But I wish you all a happy future! Hope God does wonderful things in the rest of your life's! I wish I could come to one of your concerts one more time! I will treasure your CDs! Thank you for all you all have done!


Hey Barlow girl fans! I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to be on here and I am so thankfull that god has sent Barlow girl to minister to people just like me and you. I turned on my tv one day and never alone came on and I just fell in love with the song so I looked it up on the web and I found this website, , and I found out that they have so many more songs and that is just awesome!!!!!!!!!!! So anyway I just wanted to say thank you so very much and to all those out there, I love you!!!!!!!!