barlow girl rocks!!!! they're awsome!!!! they need to come to long island!!

I love your song "Mirror"

My friend just told me about your group, so I looked your songs up on itunes. I bought a whole bunch of your songs, and I love them! I especially love "Mirror" though. I have been struggling with an eating disorder for the past year now, but I am almost totally recovered. "Mirror" really spoke to me. To me, it's about how what you see in the mirror is just not important. It's what's on the inside that matters. God loves us for who we are.

I don't know what to put

I am a poet and there's some stuff that I like and some stuff that I would like to share. this is one of those sharing things and if I could get some feedback that would be great. Because I'm nervous about this stuff.

If today were my day to die
Forget the person that made you cry
Remember me for the smiles and the hugs
And don't forget that you are loved
For if I have ever
Touched your heart in some way
Then you are embedded in mine
And I will still
Always and forever
Love you
For if today were my day to die
I know that you would always love me too

whats up??

hey me and my family love you guys so much but u gotta come back to califronia. west coast needs some love too:(

Please come to UTAH!

Hey! pretty please with sugar on top come BACK to Salt Lake, UT!! We miss you!!