my first blog - october 12th, 2009

well, i decided that im going to blog. i dont usually, except sometimes to share poems that i write, but i suppose that i will use this to vent. today it started snowing. its not even half way thru october, and its snowing. even for the UP, that is not normal. i dont like it. today was the start of homecoming. not all too excited. i dont have a date to the dance. that dissapoints me. i really wish this one guy would have asked me, but he lives 2 hours away, and right now he's in wisconsin. thats even more dissapointing. oh well. my life is so boring, so i'll just quit there and share a poem.
I walk the leaf lined street
with all its cracks, its fissures
I want to get away from the people
I want the forest, with all its countless pleasures
I feel more at home there
with the trees hold
free and calm
to me that forest is worth more than all the gold.
Stay away from that street
with all its troubles, its worries


i wrote my like i think 6th i dont remmber how many songs i wrote but anyway i worte a song 4 my friend cuz i culdnt go to her bday and i felt guilty and so i wote a song it like so kewl!!!!!!!!!

Article from Brio about Twilight

Here is an article from a brio magazine about Twilight.

Taking a close look at the popular ‘Twilight’ fiction series

In the dappled sunlight in the clearing of a meadow on the edge of a forest, 16-year-old Bella Swan’s heart races as GQ-model-handsome Edward Cullen draws near to her. Edward, in love with Bella, musters every ounce of self-control not to kill her. Killing’s his first instinct because he’s a vampire. This scene, a vivid dream of author Stephenie Meyer, sparked her imagination to write Twilight, the first book of a bestselling young-adult series.
The Phenomenon
From that original dream, Stephenie, a 30-something housewife and mom of three young boys, has birthed a four-novel series that has sent teen girls and women of every age swooning over the star-crossed love story of Bella and Edward.


barlow girl rocks!!!! they're awsome!!!! they need to come to long island!!

I love your song "Mirror"

My friend just told me about your group, so I looked your songs up on itunes. I bought a whole bunch of your songs, and I love them! I especially love "Mirror" though. I have been struggling with an eating disorder for the past year now, but I am almost totally recovered. "Mirror" really spoke to me. To me, it's about how what you see in the mirror is just not important. It's what's on the inside that matters. God loves us for who we are.