whats up??

hey me and my family love you guys so much but u gotta come back to califronia. west coast needs some love too:(

Please come to UTAH!

Hey! pretty please with sugar on top come BACK to Salt Lake, UT!! We miss you!!

Favourite Barlowgirl Album

Do you have a fav Barlowgirl album? Miens is (How can We Be Silent and Love and War)

Do you have a favorite Barlowgirl?

Whos your favorute barlowgirl? i like all of them really but i have to say Alyssa :) My Twin likes Laruen and my step sister likes Becca :) Whats yours??

BarlowGirl's Tour

I am oh so sad sad barlowgirl isn't coming to the west coast for their tour =( just wondering if any of u guys know if they are coming over this way soon? and who they are touring with? i just really want to see them in concert again =) the last concert i saw with them they blew the generator =) it was crazy Thanx =)