this is wrong

my brother and dad are leaving to go to houston tonight and I can't go . Instead I have to go to school. that's lame!!!

Transfiguration Song

Can you guys write a song about our transformation / transfiguration?

If so and I like it, I will pull any and all strings to get you to New York on acceptable terms to you...


ok these past like idk 7 or 8 days have been the worst days of my life i almost ran away and i got in trouble twice i got community service well that what happened bi bi


Hi Wuddup? so if you love this website say i. i! TTYL -cubby(elonica)

Falling in Love with Him

My "sis" asked me resently if I believed that God could tell someone at 16 who it is they are going to marry. God can do anything and I know of a couple that happened too, but I knew she was referring to herself. So I got thinking about what to tell her and while I was pondering it and praying about it I was thinking about myself too. And I decided that though God could show either one of us who we are going to marry at any time in our lives, He most likely won't until we are ready for marrage in everyway.