BarlowGirl's Tour

I am oh so sad sad barlowgirl isn't coming to the west coast for their tour =( just wondering if any of u guys know if they are coming over this way soon? and who they are touring with? i just really want to see them in concert again =) the last concert i saw with them they blew the generator =) it was crazy Thanx =)

National Breast Cancer Foundation Idea

Hi my Name is Kyle Mcnaughton I am from a town in Louisiana called Winnfield. I have been having this idea going through my mind about a concert in my city to raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation. The reason why I chose breast cancer is because we have a high rate in deaths just from that specific cancer. I would love to have as much help as possible and wanted to get well known bands to speak there and inspire other to make a difference and show love. So if anyone has any ideas or wants to help any assistance woiuld greatly be appreciated! I love you Barlow Girls! Your music and the words you speak in your songs are powerful, God is working through yall in a mighty way!

alyssa's boots in never alone video

Where can I get the buckle boots that Alyssa has on in the never alone video I have been looking for a pair like them and cant seem to find the right ones anyone help?

School :(

i love when we get free time in business to go on the computers. then i can go on to this website. i really like the fact that we can post thjis kind of stuff.

School :(