My first blog!

Hey guys! My name is Mariah. This blog will just tell you guys a little about myself.

Okay, where to start?!?!? Ummm... I live in New York.. and no, not the city! It's actually very country where I live.. little bit of a hick town! But, I love it here! I have lived here my entire life, which is 15 years, with my four wonderful sisters, my amazing parents, and though we had to put them down last winter, my dog Jake and my cat Reggie.

Some things I like are-- John Deere, Music, Sports, Skateboarding, Guitar, Fun Hairstyles, Animals, Farming, Family, and other stuff!


Hey :) My band Hephzibah is taking off, and if any of you fellow Barlow fans would like to listen, there are many videos of us on my youtube, elyssa44, or

Love & War :)


Rowboat part 1


Hello, this is the beginning of a book im writing, and i want to share it with anyone willing to read it!


It’s midnight. The rain is pounding so hard against the roof. I love this sound. I always leave my window open when its raining. I get this...this adrenaline rush; I love the sound of the rain hitting against the house. I guess I can say its my favorite past time. Ethan is sleeping over tonight. As much as I love being alone most of the time; I hate sleeping alone. I cant stand it. Why cant I just be afraid of the dark?


parents are hard 2 understand. its ahrd 2 understand y they do what they do, why they say what theysay, and y parents do anything.

barlow girl concert: waterloo iowa.

i was looking for a concert for tenth avenue north...and i searched tenth avenue north in waterloo iowa


yup i almost crapped my just kidding but i was super pumped

i tried to make it so my whole youth group could go...but my youth pastor or advisor chick said there was no "religeous value" uhm yes lady there is i have been to three of their concerts and i get like 3 sundays worth of religeous information in ONE concert lol...

well i didnt get my whole group tickets...but at least i get to go....VIP BABY!!