lunch time

tomorrow i have a full day at school. i start 10:30am-3:20pm. i have 10 min breaks in between time. and i dont kno how im suppose to eat my lunch! of coarse i can eat and walk at the same time lol its funny, i dont let to eat lunch by myself in public. i usually just go to the locker room and eat there and call my sister, and we hat :) but i cant do that this term in college. oh well.
Thank you Lord that im never alone, you always with me wen i eat by myself :) i love you.

just a question

My girls love your stuff as do I. They are 8 and 11. Is it appropriate to bring them to your Madison concert on Saturday? I am in a band so they are used to loud music and performance settings. Also we have been to a Hillsong United event. I don't know if you will get this and respond in time. Hope to see you! Thanks for being who you are for Christ and your messages. They are great proactive springboards for conversations with daughters!

Love in Christ,
Courtney Johnson

I reccomend that you go to

I reccomend that you go to

Favorite Songs

Hey what are your favorite Barlow Girl songs?
Mine are
One More Round
Come Alive
Average Girl
I believe in love
And a whole lot more

Biggest fan

yea, they say that age is how you feel? Well, I may not be the right age group, but I love all the music that my girls, the BARLOW GIRL, little princess loves it even more...