just a thought

i went to a barlow girl concert tonight. they did amazing. I want to thank them for their beautiful music and their ministry that it brings. all of their sonogs help me somehow and match what i feel and tell me what i need to hear. so thankyou and god bless because god has surely blessed you all.
God will bless you as wellyou who reads this, dont ever give up on him cause he never thinks twice on giving up on you. He may put you through tough trials but its because he does love you and wants to test to see if you will run to him or run from him and do things on your own. Have faith and run to him and keep your eyes on him because you may think your alone but your realy not alone, he is always and forever with you. God bless and hope your days go well for the rest of the week.


I dont get it.....I am trying like a maniac to communicate with the Barlows, however I they are busy people. I would pay millions if I had them to get drum lessons from Lauren...Amazing!!! I am a drummer by the way....junior if anything but learning....And my dream...? Well it has always been a dream of mine to be able to communicate...or be friends with a christian artist.....and I am trying with the Barlow...but so luck =(..

so please...if any of the Barlow sisters read this....Please Send me a message or something!

this is wrong

my brother and dad are leaving to go to houston tonight and I can't go . Instead I have to go to school. that's lame!!!

Transfiguration Song

Can you guys write a song about our transformation / transfiguration?

If so and I like it, I will pull any and all strings to get you to New York on acceptable terms to you...


ok these past like idk 7 or 8 days have been the worst days of my life i almost ran away and i got in trouble twice i got community service well that what happened bi bi