I dont get it.....I am trying like a maniac to communicate with the Barlows, however I they are busy people. I would pay millions if I had them to get drum lessons from Lauren...Amazing!!! I am a drummer by the way....junior if anything but learning....And my dream...? Well it has always been a dream of mine to be able to communicate...or be friends with a christian artist.....and I am trying with the Barlow...but so luck =(..

so please...if any of the Barlow sisters read this....Please Send me a message or something!

this is wrong

my brother and dad are leaving to go to houston tonight and I can't go . Instead I have to go to school. that's lame!!!

Transfiguration Song

Can you guys write a song about our transformation / transfiguration?

If so and I like it, I will pull any and all strings to get you to New York on acceptable terms to you...


ok these past like idk 7 or 8 days have been the worst days of my life i almost ran away and i got in trouble twice i got community service well that what happened bi bi


Hi Wuddup? so if you love this website say i. i! TTYL -cubby(elonica)