my 'foreal' blog


Alyssa I just wanted U 2 kno that I can C why U wanted to stay up and watch Oklahoma! I <3 it - or maybe it's just because I'm playing Laurey @ my school ;)

The first of many to come

I am writing this just to let people know who i am. To start out with my name I am Meaghan Pierce but I like going by Meg, I turned 17 last month on 9/11. I am dealing with some of the hardest things in the world I am working through my depression and eating disorder that has been with me since I was 10. I will never be able to be rid of this for good but I can control it. It became harder my 9th grade year when they told me I have Mononucleosis or Mono and it is a type that i have to live with for the rest of my life most of my friends call it the STD version of Mono after that day I began to get sicker but we never knew why. As I was getting sick I went through a very hard break up with the guy that had given me, my first kiss. On February 14th he broke up with me for someone else I only got back to being my old self a year later.

I am amazed

I just wanted to blog here that I think what you're doing is amazing.
May God grace you and make you ever more fruitful.


After the last couple months, I can see a healing taken place within me. I have been living up in the state of Wisconsin for about 3 years now and have felt very alone. I use to live in Tennessee and was constantly surround by family and friends, but up here I have my husband's family and not really any close friends. But, in August, when I started to feel depressed due to the medication I was on, I wanted to kill myself to stop the pain. I believe God knows the pain I was suffering because he sent my friend, Kerrie to me to help me. She asked me to be a part of the praise band at our church because she said that God was telling her to. Every since then, I am no longer thinking of killing myself like I was. I am healing. I have no more migraines ever since I went to the Barlowgirl concert at High Point Church (Madison, WI). I feel like I need to say this because if people hear my story, they know we all have similiar stories. God can heal anything. He knows our suffering.