Prayer of the Thirsty

Lord, I come thirsty and hungry for more of You.
I want to drink from the cup of Your hand
to receive Your loving kindness
amazing love of Your work You did upon the cross
and in Your glorious resurrection.
My sins are erased from my mind
and I am healed by the stripes upon Your back,
Jesus. I receive Your love
and forgiveness that’s empowered
by Your holy Spirit that I walk in Your light
and in Your power, totally consumed by You
from the inside of my heart and soul
to the very outside of my being.
For nothing in this world can harm me.
I am Yours.
Nothing comes to me that hasn’t passed through You,
o God. Your love surrounds me
and stirs up the flame within to praise
and glorify You all my days. Jesus,
You are the ONETHING I AM pursuing
from now on everything and everyone else becomes after You.
I seek You first
and every other piece will fall
into place for the glory and honor and praise of You.

No more stonewalls


January 2009 - Actually I would have to say back in November but I will just start here. My Dad was killed on Jan.21,2009... exactly one week before I turned 18. Due to somebody's ignorance to drink and drive. I fell apart completely. I was beyond mad at God, I didn't understand How he could love someone and provide the desires of their heart and yet take away the one thing they had ever wanted in life! I just couldn't put the pieces together. My relationship with Christ went from AMAZING! to Crap real quick!

Love and War

Love & War was birthed out of two extremes in the Christian life: hope in Christ and spiritual warfare. In the process of writing this album we found that while we experience times of mourning and pain, we must rise up and fight for our faith. We wrote the lead single "Beautiful Ending" out of fear from seeing so many leaders of the faith becoming distracted by their calling, forsaking Christ as their first love, and ultimately coming to a tragic end. It is our prayer that we do not come distracted by the things of the world and that we will end in the arms of Christ. This is such a personal album for us and we hope it meets you are at and that these songs encourage you the same way they have encouraged us.

Thank YOU for all of your support over the years of our music and ministry!
Alyssa, Becca, & Lauren Barlow