Listen to "Image" Online!!

If you're like me and didn't find out about BarlowGirl's hidden song until just recently and you can't figure out how to get it, then this is for you!!

You can listen to "Image" for free if you go to: I think the song starts playing by itself, but if it doesn't there's a button that says "Play Song" that you can click. :)

Here's a site that has the lyrics:

Enjoy! :D


Aside from the fact that my little - blonde haired almost 4-year-old told me that you are coming to our house today to visit, we'd all really like to know why BG is not coming on tour with Superchick to MN??!!!


I just registered and I'm excited about having a new way to interact with other fans. It just hasn't been the same since SoundPost closed down. I'm hoping to reconnect with some old SPers and hopefully make some new "internet friends" too.

So how about the new album? It rocks, right? I saw BG three days ago in Charlotte, NC at Carowinds and had a blast. My friend Angie and I made the road trip together, saw Vota, Superchick (whom I also love), BG, and Skillet (who, as usual, put on a fantastic, highly visual show. And whoa! A string section! Awesome.), and got a hotel that night. It rained almost all day and we were soaked by the end. Possibly one of the best shows I've ever been to.
I also now have a BG autographed poster to hang up in my newly painted practice/art room.


wired wacky and stuoid day

Steelers and Bears

K. So everyone in my family and my friends all LOVE the steelers. Except me. I fell in love with the Bears awhile ago. They are really good. Even if everyone says they aren't i think they're amazing! I can't believe that they won yesterday!