Favorite Songs

Hey what are your favorite Barlow Girl songs?
Mine are
One More Round
Come Alive
Average Girl
I believe in love
And a whole lot more

Biggest fan

yea, they say that age is how you feel? Well, I may not be the right age group, but I love all the music that my girls, the BARLOW GIRL, little princess loves it even more...

BarlowGirl Concert!

OMGSH!! I am soooo excited about the BarlowGirl concert on Friday with Superchick! It is going to be so much fun!!! ROCK ON!

my busy october

October is a great month!! not becasue it gets cold or the trees look super pretty. This october is great because I will be seeing my favoirite band three times. Why am I going to see BG three times well here's the story. My friends and I looked at the tour schedule and the closest show was 4 hours away so we decided to make a road trip out of if because we were not going to miss a show on this upcoming tour. Super excited to get out of town for a bit and see our favorite band. 3 weeks later checking on the new site here a show 2 hours away had been booked and of course why not go to that one as well it's closer then the first show. Woot!! 2 shows in the same week amazing right!! Jump ahead 4 more weeks and find out that a show has been booked 30min away!! Why not buy tickets for that show it would be rude to not go I mean it's only 30min away and I am going out of town with friends 4hours away I can drive 30min!!



Look, I don't know where y'all live, and you don't need to tell me, but it is raining WAY too much in my city. It has to be illeagal to rain this much. I get depressed and unmotivated when it rains too, so that doesn't help when it's time to do school.