Biggest fan

yea, they say that age is how you feel? Well, I may not be the right age group, but I love all the music that my girls, the BARLOW GIRL, little princess loves it even more...

BarlowGirl Concert!

OMGSH!! I am soooo excited about the BarlowGirl concert on Friday with Superchick! It is going to be so much fun!!! ROCK ON!

my busy october

October is a great month!! not becasue it gets cold or the trees look super pretty. This october is great because I will be seeing my favoirite band three times. Why am I going to see BG three times well here's the story. My friends and I looked at the tour schedule and the closest show was 4 hours away so we decided to make a road trip out of if because we were not going to miss a show on this upcoming tour. Super excited to get out of town for a bit and see our favorite band. 3 weeks later checking on the new site here a show 2 hours away had been booked and of course why not go to that one as well it's closer then the first show. Woot!! 2 shows in the same week amazing right!! Jump ahead 4 more weeks and find out that a show has been booked 30min away!! Why not buy tickets for that show it would be rude to not go I mean it's only 30min away and I am going out of town with friends 4hours away I can drive 30min!!



Look, I don't know where y'all live, and you don't need to tell me, but it is raining WAY too much in my city. It has to be illeagal to rain this much. I get depressed and unmotivated when it rains too, so that doesn't help when it's time to do school.

Barlowgirl ROCKS!!!

I love barlowirl, they are my favorite christian band ever. My friends and I all want to sing the song average girl at our christmas talant show. We want to sing it because the song fits us so well, we don't date or chase after boys.

Thanks for recording that song barlowgirl! You girls rock, Alyssa, Becca, and Lauren.