wonder just what you are.

You showed up in my dream again last night..
I told you that you're my best friend
you see,
you used be mine
I consider you one
even still..
Even in this silence.
Even with all these miles between us.
And I fear my head knows:
our friendship is over,
or at least, at an acquaintanceship.
But my heart longs to believe we are still:
best friends
(even more than that)
Do you not remember what that means?
Maybe you don't.
Maybe you won't.
(Bound in Christ.)
I believe we are still sisters B.C.
And I miss you..

I wish I didn't have these doubts.
I wish I didn't have to wonder just what you are doing now.
((Wishes by Superchick))


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Tuesday Night Of Worship

Well i don't really have alot to say as a 1st blog entry, i've never really been good at blogging haha.

Today this evening at CFNI in Dallas, TX: Tuesday Night Of Worship...!


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Kate Middleton's wedding dress makes the Royal Family £10 million

Season 2 MasterChef winner Jennifer Behm is a Wedding Dress lover, owner of Pink Martini Catering, a soon to be wife, an adventurer – and this summer a food blogger for

Last week was exciting! After catering four events and taking meetings with some networks, I missed my flight to L.A.

Did you know they cancel your entire flight if you miss your outbound? Yep, I was at Philly International with no ticket, but thanks to the amazing services of Lerone I was able to secure a seat to L.A.

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Why was I heading to L.A.? WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! Okay, so I had not lost the 30 lbs. that I wanted to, but my friend Mike had a great suggestion: Spend all morning in horizontal stripes and then go try on dresses. I never laughed so hard!