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girls bible study


Tonight I'm going to the kickoff of the Highschool Girl's Bible Study at my youth group. Its gonna be fun...I've been waiting all year for it! The youth leader whose leading it said I could bring my guitar and lead worship...I've never done that before so we'll see how it goes :)

God's True Plan

Why is there so much hatred in todays world?
Can anyone answer me this?
People killing their brothers
And then turning around and denying it
Why do people lose loved ones to horrible disease and wars?
Children getting kidnapped just because someone decided to
Why are there so many hungry children?
Is there really not enough food to go around
And can nobody show enough courage to get up and do something about it
Why do we have wars? Do we really hate each other that much, that we would kill.
Why are there so many broken homes?
Does marriage really not mean anything? When you said I do, it meant forever right?
Why are teenagers getting pregnant left and right? Do they really not know the meaning of True Love?
Why is todays world so awful?

Waiting On Love

I am here waiting
Waiting and yearning for you.
I am here waiting
Waiting for the light in your eyes
To shine like a newborn star
That will shine on forever.
I am here waiting
Waiting for your love
To finally find me.
I am here waiting
God has put us together
Now we just wait for His timing
It seems like forever,
Endlessly hoping
That my dreams will survive,
For just one more day,
One more day I'll spend dreaming,
Endlessly dreaming,
Endlessly dreaming and waiting…
Waiting for you.

My Life According To Barlow GIrl

Pick your Artist: Barlow Girl

Are you a male or female: Average Girl

Describe yourself: I Believe in Love

How do you feel?: Never Alone

Describe where you currently live: On My Own

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: One More Round

Your favorite form of transportation: Take Me Away

Your best friend[s] is[are]: Superstar

You and your best friends are: Enough

What's the weather like?: Grey

Favorite time of day: Everyday Life

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Image Of God

What is life to you: Harder than the first time

Your current relationship: I need you to love me

Your fear: Sweet Revenge

What is the best advice you have to give?: Keep Quiet

Thought for the Day: You Led Me

How I would like to die: Beautiful Ending

My soul's present condition: I dont Regret

My motto: Take My Chances