Waiting On Love

I am here waiting
Waiting and yearning for you.
I am here waiting
Waiting for the light in your eyes
To shine like a newborn star
That will shine on forever.
I am here waiting
Waiting for your love
To finally find me.
I am here waiting
God has put us together
Now we just wait for His timing
It seems like forever,
Endlessly hoping
That my dreams will survive,
For just one more day,
One more day I'll spend dreaming,
Endlessly dreaming,
Endlessly dreaming and waiting…
Waiting for you.

My Life According To Barlow GIrl

Pick your Artist: Barlow Girl

Are you a male or female: Average Girl

Describe yourself: I Believe in Love

How do you feel?: Never Alone

Describe where you currently live: On My Own

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: One More Round

Your favorite form of transportation: Take Me Away

Your best friend[s] is[are]: Superstar

You and your best friends are: Enough

What's the weather like?: Grey

Favorite time of day: Everyday Life

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Image Of God

What is life to you: Harder than the first time

Your current relationship: I need you to love me

Your fear: Sweet Revenge

What is the best advice you have to give?: Keep Quiet

Thought for the Day: You Led Me

How I would like to die: Beautiful Ending

My soul's present condition: I dont Regret

My motto: Take My Chances

Rain from Heaven

I walked out of my last class this morning and was pleasantly surprised by what I found outside...I walked out of the building and it was pouring down rain! While everyone else stayed inside and under the covering outside the building, I fearlessly and happily walked out into it. They all seemed to be thinking that they're too good to get wet :P but in my opinion, any type of rain in South Texas is a miracle sent straight from God! Although I was getting soaked, I was thanking Him as I walked along. I love the rain, it's so beautiful. Take the time to thank God for the small things that people tend to take for granted from day to day.

I heart "Love & War"

I'm digging this new website. It's almost as awesome as the new album "Love & War." Almost. Almost. ;)

Well, I don't really know what to say. I'm just trying this out.

I'm excited for the upcoming tour with Superchic[k] and VOTA. However, I'll have to go out of state to see it. That is okay, though, it's definitely worth it to take a road trip.

I reviewed "Love & War" for A Time to Love Magazine. Go here to check it out:

I'm interested to see what happens with this new website. It could be really fun.

Catch ya later,


Prayer of the Thirsty

Lord, I come thirsty and hungry for more of You.
I want to drink from the cup of Your hand
to receive Your loving kindness
amazing love of Your work You did upon the cross
and in Your glorious resurrection.
My sins are erased from my mind
and I am healed by the stripes upon Your back,
Jesus. I receive Your love
and forgiveness that’s empowered
by Your holy Spirit that I walk in Your light
and in Your power, totally consumed by You
from the inside of my heart and soul
to the very outside of my being.
For nothing in this world can harm me.
I am Yours.
Nothing comes to me that hasn’t passed through You,
o God. Your love surrounds me
and stirs up the flame within to praise
and glorify You all my days. Jesus,
You are the ONETHING I AM pursuing
from now on everything and everyone else becomes after You.
I seek You first
and every other piece will fall
into place for the glory and honor and praise of You.

No more stonewalls