TODAY WAS THE WORST DAY EVER! ok well i got my phone taken away but i guess i know hy cuz i like wanted to get on the roof and my dad got like super mad at me and then we had to talk and then he made me late for my worship team practice which is not goo dcuz i play drums tommrow nite and we had to learn a new song tonite too and i play that new song tommrow nite and i didnt know ihave nevr heard of that song in my entire life!

Favorite song?!?

What is your favorite song of Barlowgirl's?? (On any of their album's)


I was wondering if anybody else had a camera and what kind do they have and think work the best for photography? I have a Cannon PowerShot A590. It works pretty good but with moving stuff it doesn't work that great and in the dark it doesn't work good either.

Beautiful Ending

I learned "Beautiful Ending" on the guitar today. Its so fun to play! I love the message of the song too...maybe I'll play it for my worship leader, see if he wants to do it... :)

About Me Quiz

Okay, so this is my second blog but the first one wasn't about me and I don't want a super long "About Me" section on my profile so here is a quiz that I found so that you can get to know people better. Oh, and feel free to post this on your blog so everyone can know more about you!

How many brothers and sisters do you have? I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers

What is your favorite thing to do? Read and play the piano

What is your favorite food? Italian

What is your favorite book? The Bible

What is your favorite candy bar? Hershey's cookies and cream bar

What is your favorite cookie? Chocolate chip

What is your favorite sport? Gymnastics

What is your favorite kind of music? BarlowGirl's

What is your favorite song? Dwelling Places by Hillsong

What do you want to be when you grow up? A wife, mother and part-time piano teacher

How many kids do you want when you get married? However many God gives me