the end is near

when i think about the rapture and how everything is coming closer and closer to jesus coming to the earth again i get scared but yet i am excited. It is scary and exciting at the same time but to realy to really think that its close is shocking! jesus is practically at the door!
idk if im the only one thinking about this but i believe everyone should because there are sighns pointing to it.
it makes me think of that song that toby mac just wrote " city on its knees" how right away i made the connection with the end times and barlow girl , you can tell me if its wrong, but your song beautiful ending kind of reminds me of the end because it will be beautiful at the very end when the earth is the new heaven and when we are all together praising god and living,finaly, in peace and joy and pure happiness. it will be amazing.
i want to thank god everyday because he has gratefully blessed me and i can not wait to go to him i love you god.

About myself

Hey guys!
My name is Joannah and I'm currently 14 but am 15 TOMORROW! ( SEPTEMBER 12). I have two AMAZING parents, Dave and Colette and two older brothers, Chris and Andrew and I am the youngest, me and my brothers are miles away in age! LOL! I also happen to have a Border-Collie male dog called Badger! He's gorgeous! I go to Hamilton Christian School in New Zealand and have attended there since 2002. I have the bestest friends in the universe, God, Maddi, Rebekah, Abbey, Ilse, Joanna and Jessica. I come from a Christian family and background and started going to church 9 months before I was born. And I am proud to admit that I come from Wales, United Kingdom, which makes me Welsh! I moved to New Zealand at the ripe old age of 10 months old!


IF THERE ARE ANY FORMER SOUNDPOSTERS OUT THERE, I WANNA BE YOUR FRIEND :-D. Looking to find some of my old friends ;-)

girls bible study


Tonight I'm going to the kickoff of the Highschool Girl's Bible Study at my youth group. Its gonna be fun...I've been waiting all year for it! The youth leader whose leading it said I could bring my guitar and lead worship...I've never done that before so we'll see how it goes :)

God's True Plan

Why is there so much hatred in todays world?
Can anyone answer me this?
People killing their brothers
And then turning around and denying it
Why do people lose loved ones to horrible disease and wars?
Children getting kidnapped just because someone decided to
Why are there so many hungry children?
Is there really not enough food to go around
And can nobody show enough courage to get up and do something about it
Why do we have wars? Do we really hate each other that much, that we would kill.
Why are there so many broken homes?
Does marriage really not mean anything? When you said I do, it meant forever right?
Why are teenagers getting pregnant left and right? Do they really not know the meaning of True Love?
Why is todays world so awful?