Cyanide hidden in lolly bags

A man who put cyanide baits inside small paper Luggage and Handbags and stapled them to trees close to a busy walking track near the Kaimai Summit in the Bay of Plenty has been fined $2000.

A judge has said the bags would have been attractive to children who were likely to pick them up and potentially ingest the lethal poison and a tramping expert described the man's actions as disgusting.

Dae Van Der Maazen, 37, of Tirau, was convicted and fined by Judge Richard Watson in Tauranga District Court yesterday after he pleaded guilty to a charge that he knowingly and without a permit entered a conservation area with cyanide poison.

The charge attracts a sentence of up to 12 months in prison or a fine up to $10,000. He was also ordered to pay $696.60 reparation for the analyst fee to test the cyanide.

Asian sales revive real Basque espadrilles

cheap clothing in Asian imports nearly killed production of "espadrilles" in the birthplace of this iconic summertime cloth and rope-soled shoe, but in a twist of fate Asia is now coming to their rescue.
As Basque as berets and espelette peppers, the shoe originated centuries ago as cheap and easy footwear for peasants in the Pyrenees region that straddles the border between France and Spain.
They became a unisex hit for all classes and just about everyone in both countries has spent a summer in a pair of their own.
The trend went international, helped along by fans like Pablo Picasso, Lauren Bacall -- whose ankle-laced model in the 1948 hit "Key Largo" triggered a US craze -- and US actor Don Johnson who cooly fought crime wearing espadrilles in the hit 1980s TV series "Miami Vice".
Then came the slump.

Comparison of Adidas Shoes Vs Nike Shoes

Adidas, Nike , which brand products of better quality, more refined appearance good-looking?By Nike adidas, compare results, we can see just two different kind of sports brand, are two of the more motion concepts, the trade-off between the two kinds of sports culture and Contest.

As we all know, Nike and adidas is the global campaign for one of the best known brands on the market, compare between Adidas, Nike, what is different?We can learn from the following aspects:
1、History of adidas Nike
Adidas as the world's leading sporting goods, whose predecessor was founded in 20 of the last century, was officially founded in the 1940 of the 20th century.Historical perspective, Comparison of Adidas Vs Nike adidas is an established sports brand, Nike is the rapid rise of new representative.
2、Comparison of Nike and adidas ads

Exposer européenne et américaine de badminton état ​​de survie joueur de néerlandais acteurs locaux salaire annuel triste Wan

Badminton (microblogging) est le mouvement des Asiatiques, n'est pas une exagération. Mondiale a classé parmi les dix équipes au Danemark, en Allemagne et la Russie, les sept autres équipes en provenance d'Asie, qui dans une certaine mesure, reflète le degré du niveau d'attention et d'entrée de l'état de Badminton. Les pays développés en Europe et aux Etats-Unis appartiennent à la lisière du projet dans le sport badminton, la façon dont les conditions de vie des athlètes? Leur athlète local de badminton haut c'est comme les maîtres asiatiques jouissent du traitement même étoile?

Hier, Air Jordan les femmes allemandes célibataires entraîneur Wang Xu Yan, Pays-Bas les femmes Yao Jie, une sœur et l'entraîneur et chef d'équipe Cai Zimin, trois d'origine chinoise qui a informé les journalistes sur l'état de survie du joueur trois organismes nationaux de badminton.


jimmy choo shoes cheap

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