JS Wings Adilette Sandal

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product description in order to avoid

Three worries: do not know the toilet water is flammable

The toilet water contains 75% alcohol and 5% of the flavor ingredients, contact with open flame (such as mosquito coils, cigarettes) or near sources of

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to do so in fact

Baby once the mosquito bites the skin from a small pimple, severe itching, mother distressed I, to be used as toilet water, smear, to do so in fact

detrimental. The baby is easy to produce because the toilet water contained in the "Yi Moning, mint, camphor and other ingredients

The allergic reaction caused by contact dermatitis. Therefore, babies with allergies can not smear toilet water, mosquito bites, dermatitis not to smear the

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dermatitis still use toilet

Remember, never be able to adult toilet water used in baby body! Adult toilet water containing high concentrations of irritating ingredients, easy to hurt

the baby's skin. Even if you do, the first with five times as much water to dilute the job.

Two worries: the baby is suffering from dermatitis still use toilet water

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the baby out to

the baby out to play, some mothers used to give her baby to put some toilet water for mosquito breeding. At this point, suggested that the mother are the

best choice for babies

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