The strongest boy I've ever known

Yesterday couldn't have been any better! Spent half the day at church, went ice-skating with the fam, and then youth group. But the best part of the whole day was see Chase at youth group. Chase has been fighting cancer. Months ago doctors said he would only live for a few more days. Everybody prayed for him constantly and helped his family with anything. He still is very weak, and it broke my heart to see some people ignore him(so my sister, her friends, and I made an effort to constantly remind him we were glad he was there with us). And just to see what God has done was amazing! I've never had had such a great time at youth group! God is AMAZING!!

I take the time to speak
But nobody ever sees me.
I keep declaring Your name, O God
But they just keep turning away.
How do You expect us to spread Your Word
When nobody cares to give an ear and hear?
Though I go unheard for now
You are worth every unspoken word!

A Night In Bed

I couldn't sleep last night so I wrote some poems.

I'm doing what I'm told
How come I feel all alone?
I don't want to lose You
In all that I've gone through.
Hold me and say You love me.
Tell me everything's gonna be alright.
Neveer let me leave Your side!

Yes, I have a serious side.. Consider yourself warned :)

Before you read this I want you to know I am not trying to come across as judgmental.  I am not trying to put people down or make them feel less than. I am simply sharing my heart and my passions and I am truly sorry if it comes across as condemning. I say this out of a heart of love for my generation and a longing to see us all live a life worthy of our calling..

i´m very happy

well this is my first post here and i just wanna say that the music of barlowgirl is amazing

Thanks Giving

hey guys, it's Daphne again. Well, duh, huh????? This is my blog after all. Just wanted to remind ya'll that Thanksgiving isn't about the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and cranberry sauce, it's about all that God has given us. we have so much to be thankful for, and I'm so ashamed that at most times we just take it all for granted. hence the name, Thanks Giving. Sorry I just had to call it that.