Macys Christmas Parade

Check out the Macys Christmas Parade on Dec. 29th. I will be marching there with the Clark County Indians. Im a tall flag girl...Super Excited!!!

Service Dog VS. High School

I'm a type 1 diabetic. I have a service dog that tells me when my blood sugar is off since I cant feel it anymore. Her name is Shyla. She's a 2 year old German Shepherd/Collie mix.

Shyla has put up with harassment every day since school started. That's 4 months. Kids have barked at her, growled at her, jumped at her trying to get her to bark, pushed her, shoved her into the wall, and even went as far as to hit her and call it an accident. These people irritate me to no end. You can't hit a dog (even if it is a service dog) everyday and expect it to never defend itself. Honestly, it's pretty ludicrous to be provoking a DOG to begin with. They have teeth and claws. They could seriously hurt you.

Ft. Wayne Tickets

BARLOWGIRL IF YOU HAPPEN TO READ THIS BEFORE YOUR CONCERT TONIGHT I WOULD LOOOOOVE TICKETS TO IT!!!! I didn't know it was sold out....Please oh please oh pleeeease make my weekend!!!!!!

Taking God's name in vein (I promise I'm not judging anyone)

Okay, so there has been something that i've noticed, growing up, that has always bothered me about Christians. How they can use God's name in vein and not even think that it could be wrong. My parents have always taught us the ten commandments and how to stick by them. But before I continue I do want to point out that I am in no way judging anybody. I'm just stating something that is on my heart.I apoligize in advance if I offend anybody. I don't mean to at all.

The strongest boy I've ever known

Yesterday couldn't have been any better! Spent half the day at church, went ice-skating with the fam, and then youth group. But the best part of the whole day was see Chase at youth group. Chase has been fighting cancer. Months ago doctors said he would only live for a few more days. Everybody prayed for him constantly and helped his family with anything. He still is very weak, and it broke my heart to see some people ignore him(so my sister, her friends, and I made an effort to constantly remind him we were glad he was there with us). And just to see what God has done was amazing! I've never had had such a great time at youth group! God is AMAZING!!

I take the time to speak
But nobody ever sees me.
I keep declaring Your name, O God
But they just keep turning away.
How do You expect us to spread Your Word
When nobody cares to give an ear and hear?
Though I go unheard for now
You are worth every unspoken word!