Beautiful Ending...

The biggest lesson God has been trying to teach me has been knowing who I am—I mean really knowing who I am and why I exist. I've studied for years different Bible verses on destiny and identity. I've spoken those words hundreds, maybe thousands of times...even when I thought they weren't true.

One thing I began to realize is that I have a very warped view of what a beautiful ending is. When I die and go to heaven, God won’t be asking how many albums I sold, if I had #1 singles, if I was a successful artist, if I made money, if I had a million Twitter followers or the most friends on Facebook. And yet for myself, and so many others, that has so often been my "finish line.” I think that somehow, when all is said and done, those things will give me value and make me feel like I've lived a full and successful life.

consert on brithday

hey i am so happy becaes the barlow girls consert is on my birthday that is why i am happy

UM........... Tour question

Hey I was wondering about the concert on February 26th, I got news that it was at my church just a few days ago..... and I go to Faith Bible Church. I was just wondering if there was a change or something and if so where is it really?

My Bible verse for January 23

"I can do all things thruogh him wmo gives me strength"
~Phillipians 4:13

1st Semester over...

I'm hoping and praying that I passed my Sociology exam, cuz that was probably the hardest class ever!
2nd semester is almost here... then my senior year is OVER!! YAY!! I'm kinda sad to leave my school since I've been there since kindergarten. Maybe before I graduate, I can rack up some money to help financially.... I would hate to see them close their doors after so many years.