My band says "Hi!!!"

Hello, Just wanted to say "Hi" from the Prisoners of Christ (Rebecca, Amanda and me alexa) Even though we are still kids our dreams are HUGE we've written like 17 songs.

G2G sorry


P.s check the site out


My Bible verse for January 17

"Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised"
~Proverbs 31: 30

Tour Emergency

Can you guys come to Redmond,WA for a tour please!? I am one of your biggest fans and I went to your first concert but I never got to see the rest so I wanted to see this one really bad! You guys are my biggest role models ever! please come... I want to tlk to you guys and listen to your new music :)

Keep It Up!

I am from San Jose, California. We have a Christian Store right near the Chuckie Cheese. On Tuesday's they have discounted compact discs for sale, they are like ten dollars. They carry your music thee, it is a very special stroe to myself and a lot of other peopl! I have Another Journal Entry and have the other one that is out as well. These are both incredible, the music is great and the message, In my opinion, reaches so many people of the Lord, not of the Lord. Continue to allow your sensitive and kind spirits to reign ouwardly to all people! I saw you all at Spirit West Coast two years back and it was incredible. My favorite song might be Enough, but . . . I love For The Beauty Of The Earth As well. They are a lot of kids out there that want to be reached, they would totally look up to you girls! You all are doing such a great job spreading the love of Christ, continue to reach us all! You are beautiful, your voices are beautiful!

Random Barlowgirl facts : )

Full Names

Alyssa Katherine Nicole Barlow

Rebecca Elizabeth Marie Barlow

Lauren Ashley Nicole Barlow

Why do they all have 2 middle names? "We have 2 middle names because it's tradition."

Will their children have 2 middle names? Lauren "My kids will have 5 middle names. ) : )



Becca - November, 24

Alyssa - January 4

Lauren - July 29


Starbucks Regulars ( Yeah, Im that obsessed : ) )

Lauren - In the summertime - Venti Iced Americano with cream In the winter - Venti Quad nonfat cappucino

Alyssa - Winter - Double tall decaf skim no whip mocha summer - triple grande iced skim decaf no whip mocha

Becca - Double tall half caf soy cappucino with honey