My top ten favorite artists/bands! : )

2. Skillet
3. Tobymac
4. Hawk Nelson
5. Addison Road ( I love the bass player Travis! : ) He is da bomb)
6. Sarah Reeves
7. Flyleaf
8. Coffey Anderson ( He was on Nashville Star. Check him out!!)
9. Steven Curtis Chapman
10. Matt Papa ( He ROCKS! Your Kingdom Come is AWESOME!!!!!)

Those are my top 10 favorite artists!


Sorry not accepting friend requests.

happy birthday

happy birthday alyssa! You rock!!!!

#3 fan of bg????

Sooo...i always call myself bgs number 3 fan because it's polite. if you think about it...their family is their number 1 fan...sooo....then comes close friends...and hhhaaahaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaa! So...yeah. :)

Anyone know?

Does anyone know if the BarlowGirl/StellarKart/VOTA concert is coming to the Worcester County area in MA? I hope so, and I would SO go!