Live the Barlowgirl

Barlowgirl is so...AWESOME!!!!! I listen to it everyday, I can't resist it!!! I would never turn the CD player off when I have BARLOWGIRL IN MY CD PLAYER!!!!! I would not leave there WEBSITE EITHER! I would watch and listen to the MUSIC VIDEOS and VIDEOS, I would listen to MUSIC! See! I would never leave this SITE!!!!!!!!

My best friend

It may not have worked out between us
But I still want you to COMFORT me in the midst of grief
I want you to HOLD me in your arms amongst my darkest night
I want you to TELL me it's OK even when we know it's not
I want to know that you still CARE & that you'll be there until the end because

I wrote this thinking anbout my ex cause I may still be in love with him but Idk=(
We broke up because he lied to me & he was a little to immature but he's caring & kind & a good listener & I can go to him bout anything
plus he's grown up some I just IDK!!!!!!!!

I need some... something

Things are not looking so hot for me! I am struggling so much and I feel so alone. I am so mad a God... it feels like he is not here, though I know he is. Things just seem to be getting worse and worse for me. I cut today... I hadn't cut since 10-03-09 before today which is a long stretch without cutting for me. But I couldn't do it any more! I have been feeling so overwhelmed and stressed out I just couldn't do it any longer. It doesnt help that I don't have an income and I don't have but a couple friends who i don't see. I just don't enjoy life any more. I just wish I could have some fun... feel some hope, but when I pray about all the "crap" it never gets any better, things just seem to keep piling up! I am fighting for SSI right now too, that also has me stressing. I go to court for that December 1st. I'm scared. My mom is probably going with me to that, but she doesn't understand me. She doesn't know how bad it really is.

The Trouble With Blogs----I need YOUR HELP!

I've never actually done a blog before. I don't really know what to put in it. I know something will come to me though. Here are some ideas I have. Tell me which ones you like by signing my guest book.

-I could do reviews on other BarlowGirl blogs.
-I could do book and/or movie reviews (I like to write!)
-I could try to write a short story, and post them peice by peice
-All of the above

If you have any other ideas, let me know!

it does!

Yep, it worked