In the life of:

Well hello! My name is Julia. I have 3 sisters n 3 brothers! The arts are my life. I am in Varsity Choir at my middle school and in the OAP cast for 2009-2010! I am also aprt of my schools drill team. Dance, singing and acting is what ivve always been into. I plan to go to Julliard and major in theatre! I am also apart of a campus mimistry program. I love it beacause i get to share the love of Jesus christ with my school. I do what i do every day because God is always with me! Ive been planning to start a christian band for a while now and ive started reallly getting into it! I havnt really decided on a name yet so please comment and leave me ideas1 The band is ganna have kinda a Paramore rock sound to it and also Barlowgir sweet to it!! Smile God loves ya!

- JuLiA rHeA

revelations tour

OMG im so excited to see you guys at the revalations tour!!!!! Can't wait
god bless

Prophetic Conference

Hey everybody..... actually nobody considering I Have No Friends!! Anyway, I'd like to share a couple things with you. This past Oct. my family held a prophetic conference here in the valley. It was the first time I ever had the oppritunity to hear my dad speak ( usually his speaking engagments are out of town, or the country, and in are taught in spanish or portugeese). My brother and sisters and I were able to participate in selling books and were even allowed to put on a few specials; including some to Casting Crowns "Slow fade " and "What If His People Prayed?". Before my sister danced to 'What if His People Prayed?"I was given the chance to recite a poem/prophetic word I wrote. I'd actually written it back it Sept. but didn't know until later what it was. I remember writing it during my prayer time with God. I was crying so hard and I was shaking as the words spilled onto the paper. I wrote it out of desperation for the church to arise and act like the God they claim to know.

On My Own- CALLING Rebecca Barlow

So, i have been searching hi and lo for the chords to this amazing song and no one seems to have the right version of it. And no one seemed to have ANY version of it except on CGR, Y? So i thought, hmmm. maybe if i join this then i can ask the real author and see. However, idk if this is even possible. I met you all in Cary, North Carolina at the Life Fest 2009 and you guys ROCKED the house!! (uh, ladies but you know what i mean :) Anywho, i shoulda asked you then but the PRESSURE!! I only got to make 1 comment (outta the many thousands i wanted to ask) to each of you but im good bc ya'll were so sweet to squeeze in pics & sign for everyone before ya'll were whisked away to another location. That also spoke volumes to me about ya'll keepin it real! Some of the other bands didn't and it was kinda disappointing. Loved the way the Word was shared and read out of the Bible on stage. Bold. I loved that action, i was like YEAAAAH, bring it!


On November 20, 2009 I under went a very scary brain surgery to correct a birth defect I had. It was a brain malformation called Chiari. I have to admit that this whole ordeal pressed my limits when it came to my faith. I went days and nights in so much pain from the malformation. And spending days upon end in and out of hospitals. The first surgery was non successful. My brain was leaking massive amounts of spinal fluid and such so they placed in a spinal lumbar hoping to control the leakage. Then on my third night in the hospital, I coded. It was the scariest thing I think I've ever gone through. When I came back all I could think about was how I had so much left in life todo and accomplish. They rushed me to ICU and I stayed there for three days before they realized that my spinal lumbar had fallen out and because of that I had contracted meningtis. They rushed me back in to the OR where they tried to pacth the leakage.