Our World's Collide song

ok maybe I'm getting old and soft but I really dig that "Our World's Collide" song... that intro is really catchy!! Kinda Mario-Brother-esque... is that where the inspiration came from? I feel like I should be jumping on turtles whne I listen to it... am I alone here??


Does anybody know any good country songs about best friends perferably 3 besties. I'm making a vid 4 my 2 besties and there really into country and I don't know a good song. Please help


barlowgirl, is like wicked awesome... i wish i could meet them!

So Beautiful

I heard this song off of youtube and loved it. It really has message.
Hope you like it!

I don't own anything!!!

I really need to start writing blogs earlier in the day...

Sup friends..
We are in the lovely state of Florida right now finishing up the tour. So sad it's coming to an end. I have loved this tour so much. Man its been fun. Like I said before there are just so many awesome people on this tour. Gonna be sad that it's over. You know one person who I should dedicate our tour too and this blog too is our amazing bus driver Mark. That guy knows how to drive a bus. I swear, I have never slept better in my entire life. And you should know that I really like my sleep. So thanks to him, us girls get alot of beauty rest so we can be oh so happy during shows and meet and greets. And we also have our sanity. Which is a wonderful thing. You should thank him. Perhaps send him a christmas card. I don't know..Just think about it..