The Life of Christ through Matthew's Eyes my First college paper

John Paul Jackson
Mr. Kent Hartman
Bible Matthew Life of Christ
November 18, 2009
The book of Matthew was written to a Jewish audience in the fifties or sixties A.D. by Matthew who was a tax collector but then became one of the followers of Jesus Christ. He wrote this book to prove that Jesus was the coming king who was talked about in the Old Testament. This book also explains the birth, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the family line of Jesus, which had forty-two generations in Jesus’ family. In this paper I would like to explain the life of Jesus through the eyes of Matthew. This paper explains his birth, ministry, miracles, death and resurrection through the eyes of Matthew.

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Life is a stage...

"Life is a stage, and we are merely the players." I'm sure you've heard that quote at some point or another. As someone who loves performing, I can relate to this. But is your life a play worth watching?

Last Friday, I performed in my school's one-act play, Butterfly. I was the lead, and I was sooooo nervous. I was jittery for hours before the play. But time didn't slow down. I got my hair and makeup done, and donned my costume. At seven, I stepped on stage, no longer an American teenager, but a Japanese geisha in the midst of World War II. I inevitably mad mistakes, and, according to my parents, the play was hard to hear (gyms have very bad acoustics). I had thought I had done well, but I still knew there were things to work on before competition.