How did you hear of !band?: 
How i heard about BarlowGirl was for my 10th b-day my dad had gotten me the first album.

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My name is Ally Pierce I'm from Chisago city, MN. I am 13, almost 14 on January 10. I got saved at a Bible camp in Wisconsin. The camp that i went to was Camp Cheek. My mom and dad are divorced. They got a divorced when i was 3. When i was about 4, my dad and I had to move in with my cousins. I lived with my until I was 7. When i was 9 i started thinking that I need to know the lord. I have been in a public school until 6th grade. 7th grade was my first year at a private school. 7th grade was one of the hardest years of my life. When i was in the public school it was all bout being cool and wearing all the fashionable clothes. On the buss home we would have to pick up the High schoolers and the first word that the would say when they get in the bus was word that i don't think any one should be using. I only had one frie on the bus and we go to the same church and she started swearing and when she started making this a habit she got me into swearing. I tried to stay away from her but what ever happens she was always following me. When i was in 6th grade i thought it would be dumb to go to a christian school. when i was in the public school it fealt like i had no choice but to do the things that I'm not supposed to be doing. I am a big fan of you. you inspire me and your music speaks to me. I do have a FaceBook

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