I am a senior in high school. I was raised in church, and was became a preacher's daughter when I was in 6th grade. The pressure put on me was hard and I endured a lot of tripping up from running away from God, but He always managed to pull me back to Him. After much debate, my chosen major became fashion so that I could make cute fashions that were modest for christian girls and women. Barlowgirl has been a great inspiration to me throughout everything I've been through. They will always be my favorite band. When I first began pursuing modesty, I felt alone in it, like it was me against the world, but I wasn't. Barlowgirl's song "clothes" has always giveen me a good laugh and brightened my spirits when I'm feeling down and alone. When I was 16, I chose to not date, and "Average Girl" became my theme song. These songs have helped me through so much, and I know they will help me in the future, whatever may come.