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My sister played Never Alone one day and I loved that song from day one. It helped me switch from a private school to a public school and it helped through a lot in my life. So I instantly went and bought all their CD's!! I love love love their lyrics!! And they a great girls that I really look up to!

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I am in love with Jesus! I have been a Christian since i was seven. I am the middle of four girls! I love my friends and family! I love animals! My dream is to become a singer. And... I love the message that Becca, Alyssa, and Lauren give. I love their lyrics. Their songs have helped me so much in my life and God has blessed them dearly with having such a great gift! I give a great message and they show people everywhere that you can do what the Lord wants you to and good will come out of it. They also show that you can love the Lord with all you heart and completely dedicate your life to Him and still be yourself that others can accept!

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My first blog!

Hey guys! My name is Mariah. This blog will just tell you guys a little about myself.

Okay, where to start?!?!? Ummm... I live in New York.. and no, not the city! It's actually very country where I live.. little bit of a hick town! But, I love it here! I have lived here my entire life, which is 15 years, with my four wonderful sisters, my amazing parents, and though we had to put them down last winter, my dog Jake and my cat Reggie.

Some things I like are-- John Deere, Music, Sports, Skateboarding, Guitar, Fun Hairstyles, Animals, Farming, Family, and other stuff!