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i heard of Barlowgirl when i heard the song Never Alone on youtube. I was so attatched, and it made me cry. that is how it touched my heart, my life. i love it, i fell in love with the band ever since that song came out.

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I'm a 15 yeard old girl who's life is some what a mess. I have issues i can't come to grip with. But since i found God again i have made it through over and over. i have been on a long ride, and it's never ending, but it isn't as bad as it was before. I live in Oregon. I am adopted, my birth dad died in 2006. I didn't know him. at that time my life fell apart. the day i found out he died, even though i didn't know him. i died also. life sucked. I realy wanted to get into bad things, but didn't. In 2007 i went to winter camp with my youth group. There i found peace with my birth dad. I didn't understand why God let him die, or why he didn't want me to know him. But i did know that it was His will. He wanted him to die, and i needed to come to a peace with that.

From 2007 to 2008 i was on the right track. i loved life i wanted to live, i wanted to give my whole life to God. But then something happen inside, i don't know what. but i didn't want anything to do with God. i did a 360 circle in my walk with God. I still went to church, but not by my choice. Our family of 4 has always gone to church, so it's been a part of my life. this last year(2009) i found my own faith. i split away form my parents and took hold of my own. I am back on the right path, the one with God.

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