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I had heard some music on the radio, but mainly I listen to either my cd's or iPod in the car and at home. However, two years ago I went into an inpatient facility for an eating disorder at Selah House in Anderson, Indiana. It was at Selah that I fell in love with Barlow Girl and their music. My therapist at Selah sat with me one day and played "Surrender." Women that I was in Selah with LOVED BarlowGirl as well and enlightened me on their background of struggling with an eating disorder too and how many of their songs reflected these struggles and victories. As I listen more and more to their music, I began to see hope in recovery and God's truths in the possibility of living in freedom. It did not take long when I got home from treatment for my three girls to fall in love with BG too. Now, we are so excited that Barlow Girl will be just a few blocks from home in Valparaiso, Indiana in 1 1/2 weeks. We have our tickets and are ready to go! One of the things that I have found helpful for me in my journey towards recovery is hearing other peoples stories who too have dealt with eating disorders, their victories, and how God is using them to share their experience to help others. May God Bless them mightily for following God's will for them to share through song, praise and worship!

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My name is Jill Baker from Valparaiso, Indiana. For over 14 years, Ihave been married to a Godly wonderful man...Steve. We have three beautiful children: Aubrey age 13, Mia age 11, and Gabby age 9. Our little surprise and blessing from God is our son Grant age 5. Our home is built upon God's principals and love. We have always played christian music with little secular in our home, not because christian music ishould be the only thing to listen to, but because we just love it! The love has filtered down to our children.

I grew up in Eastern Tennessee which is where all of my family still lives. I met Steve my second year in College. It was love at first sight and we were married 9 months later. Steve moved me up to his home town Valparaiso, Indiana where we have remained raising our family.

Steve and I went on our first mission trip in 2006 to Zambia, Africa. I fell in love with Zambia and its people. I have never experienced worship like I did in Africa. They were poor with very little, but so thankful for what God had given them. God was their sole provider whom they had amazing faith in.

A couple months after returning from Africa, I became very depressed not because I could change the world, but because I could change my children to be like the Africans- more thankful for everything! Quickly spiraling down hill in every aspect of my life, I ended up summer of 2007 in a treatment center for an eating disorder. It was the worse-best experience that that has ever happened to be. I was giving by professionals a possible 3-6 months to live without intervention. This experience has forever changed me and my life.

Since treatment, I have struggled off and on. However, I know that Freedom is out there and God wants nothing less for me.

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