Love is Marching

How did you hear of !band?: 
I heard of BarlowGirl from my fabulous friend. :)

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I love Jesus, my family and friends, music, photography, key lime pie, and the number 5.
My hobbies include: hanging out with my friends, eating, watching good movies, baking (although it doesn't always turn out so good...), playing board games, learning new things and playing with my little puppy.
My pet peeve is when people chew their food (especially gum) with their mouth open.
My idea of a perfect day would include waking up with a hot cup of blueberry tea, having French toast and bacon for breakfast, watching a good movie, going for a long walk outside with my family and puppy, having eggs and hash browns for lunch (I love breakfast food), having a good long conversation about anything exciting, communicating with my friends, having some type of pasta (any type of pasta) for dinner, and I would end the day by watching another good movie before bed. :)

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BarlowGirl Live Chat Questions...

So for all who missed the BarlowGirl Live Chat, here are some of the questions they answered, I didn't get them all. But they answered about 6-8 questions and sang "Stay With Me". So here are some of the questions:
Betty asked: What is Lauren's real hair color?
Lauren said: brown
Sarah asked: How do you chose who gets to sing lead vocals?
BarlowGirl said: They said they ask what they feel like singing, and what they are going through in their life right now. And they also said that sometimes it's just obvious, like if you get a rock song, Alyssa said that that would be something Lauren would have to sing, because of the differences in their singing voices.
Mariah asked: What does Lauren's necklace say?
Lauren said: It's the Italian word for love. And she got it because it's been their dream to go to Italy.

So this is all the questions I got. Sorry if you missed the live broadcasting!!!

Love & War

I'm so pleased with BarlowGirl's new album!!!! Love & War is simply AMAZING!!!!! The pictures they chose for their CD are really kewl; I especially like one with the red umbrella. It's so pretty. And I love Lauren's hair in that photo!!! I'm also a BIG fan of the album artwork they chose. :)
My favorite songs are:
Come Alive
Love is Marching
Time for you to Go
Tears Fall
Hello Sunshine

But of course I really like them all. I was so happy to see that the made a song about abortion (Tears Fall) on this record. I think they did a really good job on that song. And "Hello Sunshine" is a super song to wake up to in the morning. LOL. :)

And their new music video is SUPER KEWL!!! It was so well done. And I really enjoyed the setting of the video being in the woods. :) Furthermore "Beautiful Ending" is such a great song!!!!

To conclude this blog, I will simply say that I love Love & War!!!! :)