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I heard the song "Never Alone" on a WOW CD and I really liked it. Then I got the opportunity to go to a BarlowGirl and Rebecca St. James concert and I fell in love with BarlowGirl's music! I've been following their music ever since.

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I am a music lover, I think it's so great that God has given us the gift of music to praise His Name! I play the piano, sing, am attempting to learn the guitar (and mostly failing :-) ), and I write songs. I know that God wants me to use the musical talents He has given me, but I'm not sure what He wants me to do yet. So for now I'm just listening for His call.

I was Homeschooled until my Junior year of High School, at which point I began taking college classes at a nearby community college. I hope to go to a Bible College after I graduate High School with my AA degree.

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