How did you hear of !band?: 
My older sister bought their debut album when it first came out... I've been a major fan ever since! :) I have every album and every single they've made!!

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I'm a homeschooled pastor's kid from Alabama living in North Carolina. :) I'm 16 years old, a Junior in High school. :) I love, love, love dancing!!!!! :) Dance is my life! I've taken Classical Ballet, Pointe, Clogging, and Irish Step! I've also had a taste of Jazz, Modern, and Lyrical. Right now I'm interning with A Time For Dance Studio and am teaching 3-5 year olds and 5-9 year olds once a week, as well as taking Pointe and Ballet. My dream would be to start my own studio after I graduate! :) I'm reserved, but definitely not quiet or shy. I have a lot friends but I'm only close to a few of them. My best friend is also a fellow dancer - she's amazing!! :) I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY tall - almost six feet... yeah, not excited about that one. But I didn't have much of a choice cause both of my parents are over six feet. :) I love dancing (of course), singing, read all day, and have a social life that drives my mom up the wall. ;) Oh - and I definitely have a knack for getting under your skin - in a good way. :)

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