May 11th, 2010
"Sing Me A Love Song" Video

Hey guys! We wanted to share our newest video with you for our song, “Sing Me a Love Song”. Click here to watch it on Tangle. As you may know, Mercy Ministries is near and dear to our hearts. So many young girls ask us to pray for them because of the issues they’re going through. We are partnering with Mercy Ministries to help bring awareness to some of these issues like cutting, eating disorders, abuse and all kinds of addictions. We chose not to be in this video so that we wouldn’t take away from the issues being shown. Find out how you can join us in partnering with Mercy Ministries by visiting the ministry section of our site or go to to donate. God bless!

May 10th, 2010
Christina's Poem For Mom


You've always been good
You've mostly been great
You're never terrible
and you're never ever evil.
You love God
Like I love you
You taught me to sing
Sing from my heart
From my heart to the heavens
I know I'm the oldest
but never the wisest
You are the wisest
(And the oldest?
We'll keep that
under wraps)
You can be embarrassing
You can be trite
But I have to get used to it
For you won't be around forever
I Love you, Mom
Like you love God
And I pray that this Mother's Day,
My sister and I
won't fight.

(Just a little poem that I just thought of. I hope ya'll enjoy it. God Bless You! And You're Mom!!)

Thanks, Christina! Have a message for your mom? Click here to share it with us, and we'll be posting another letter to mom tomorrow!

Apr 23rd, 2010
A Mother's Day Message

Mother’s Day is coming up in May. (Have you picked up a gift for your mom, yet?) We wanted to give you a chance to write a letter about your mom. You can address it to her, to yourself, or to us. Be creative! We love to hear from you guys. But more importantly, we wanted to give you a chance to honor your mom, or to thank her, or to tell her you love her. It’s up to you. We’ll be featuring some of these letters to mom on our homepage the week leading up to Mother’s Day. Click here to send a message to mom.

Apr 21st, 2010
Fan Photos From Love & War

Check out the new photos that were taken by our wonderful fans on the Love & War tour! Thanks to everyone who posted a photo on our Facebook. We loved looking through all of them. Click here to take a look for yourselves.

Apr 1st, 2010
Buy One, Share One

This Easter weekend, share your favorite music with the people you love! Order any two individual cds and get one of them for free! That means one to keep and enjoy yourself and another to share with a friend. Hurry over to the store though, because this offer is only valid until April 4th. Click here to visit the store.

*Offer is only valid on individual cds and will not work on apparel, accessories, or bundles that include more than one item. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Place two cds in your shopping cart to get the lower priced cd for free. Discount will be reflected in shopping cart.

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