Love and War Tour - Fri, Mar 05 2010 - Oceanside, CA

Calvary Chapel Oceanside
3715 Oceanic Way
Oceanside, CA
United States
Fri, 03/05/2010
7:00 PM


How did you hear of !band?: 
My sister is a big fan and got me hooked on their music =)

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I am a 14 year old boy, a lover of "Barlow Girl", enthusiastic, cheerful, large (very large) ... is a joke.
I'm a musician, and played the piano in the band at my church, I love playing the piano and my greatest inspiration is Alyssa Barlow who leaves me speechless to play the piano.
You admire the beauty of the Barlow Girl, I admire the support of God to you.

While many people are not aware of the Barlow Girl but a year ago, a friend showed me the song of which I NEVER ALONE entrance and began to investigate the Barlow Girl and there is no doubt that they are now my favorite band.
Maybe not very well understand this text and perhaps speak a different language,
but still my biggest dream is to meet the three and sing with you.

Talves is a crazy dream, but the bible says that everything is possible right?
and therefore do not sing bad ...

God bless you and wish with all my heart that can read this
I love them very much and I thank God for their lives



I'm shy sometimes, but I love barlow girl
I am happy
I don't like voleiball and soccer
I love the delivery barlow girl
I enjoy the music are so beautiful
I like to eat cake to have ice cre
I'm loveing to candy


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