Umm, well.. I'm the second to youngest of five girls in my family, I have a twin. I have a beautiful niece. I love to learn. I love to travel...anywhere. I play piano, guitar, violin, and the dulcimer (I know, right? weird instrument to learn...). Give me coffee, good music, cold weather, and friends and I'll be perfectly content. : ) I like snowboarding, cosmetology, and graphic design. It doesn't take much to make me smile. I like to wear my pajamas all day at home. Jesus and I have a long way to go, but I'm developing a deeper love for him every day. : )




Married. Mother of four. Grandmother to 1. Passionate about women becoming all God created them to be. I sing, write and love photography. Your music has blessed and uplifted me and my daughters through so much of our lives over the past couple years. Thanks for sharing!

Seeking God in the Warrior Generation

hey all you young people of this rising generation and ones that are rising but yet know it is happening to you.

The Ramp is an awesome Student Conference for the young generation who are looking for answers daily into why they are here and how to deepen their relationship with the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

if you are interested in please check out the Ramp's connections:




and you can youtube the Ramp even deeper as well, just type in ramp chosen to find more videos at the Ramp and what they do.



My Barlow Life

I am Lauryn and the Barlow Girl band really inspires me with my singing and their songs and voices are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! God has brought them to where he wants them to be and that is a really good career and that they are doing it in his ministry. While the girls are singing they are beautiflu girls! My mom even agrees that they are georgeous!:) I love you girls and keep writing good music!:)

Lauryn xoxo

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