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My dad Bought it for me on my 8th B-Day.

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I love Jesus Chirst with all my heart and I started lisning to Barlow Girl Music about to years ago. I haven't stoped ever!

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hi!!!!! am ken from kenya, a huge!!! fan of you guys.
`bout me? am saved, am talented in drumming and music is a REAL PASSION.
right now am in college;hotel and restaurant management
i and a few pals have met to make a band about suggestin` a good name for it???
i got to know about you through a tanzanian pal called eva;huge fan of you also; and immediately i heard the songs in the
"another journal " album, i fell in love with it!! anyway, you have to see me listening to it to believe.
i love drumming ALOT!!!
when i was so young i used to beat bottles and buckets having arranged them like a drum kit! but never got to pursue the talent
till i was in high school when we shifted to a new church which had a drum kit and a 'drummist' get it ??? the drum itself is
also very worn out but am praying for them to buy another one;and a good one too!!!
your music; i cant say theres afav but i like 'i need you to love me' and the song that goes..."thoughts of you, and how you changed
me, fill my mind...."
i'd really love you guys to atleast send me reply, it would make me the best talented boy ever. even if its just to say hi...
once again, thanks for reading this, i hope it was interesting. i look forward to hearing from can also send me
your phone contacts...nowadays we're developing so fast, i can call you from here.and those drum sticks, men i LOVE THEM!!!!
nice time and God bless you all... love yah!!!

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living in reality

Something i really need to work is being real. Like i mean my actions and emotions and words be real. Not fake like i'm in a movie or somthing. You know what i mean? I've let my thoughts become controled by making up things that happen and just in a sort of fantasy world. I need to be me. I have this desire to be famous and be liked by everyone. That's something that I am dealing with right now. Living in reality.


I am a teenage hoduran girl, full of life and love. God is my reason of living, my purpose; and nothing in the world will change that, because he found me when I was nowhere to be found.

BarlowGirl's music has been an inspiration; a light in the darkness, and I thank God for their talent.


This is me....

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