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My wife introduced me to BarlowGirl at the beginning of our relationship. A song on BarlowGirl's first album was (and still is), to her, perhaps the most meaningful of all songs. The first album continues to be her favorite, though we love all BarlowGirl's albums and we will buy any album they release -- without needing to hear a single song ahead of time. Our family loves BarlowGirl! My wife and I have been blessed to see them twice in concert and we were able to bring our children (ages 7 and 10) to the most recent one.

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me and abby(:

just letting you know.

hellllo, my names meagan, i'm fourteen.
me and my best friend, went to your concert..that was in Joplin.
and when you were talking about how you guys have like never had boyfriends because you want to find true love in God before you find it in a guy, like that just really hit us, and right there we broke up with our boyfriends, and like we explained it to them and everything, and they were both like cussing us out hardcore and all, and like we realized that they weren't good for us anyways, and that showed us, but like your whole concert like really went to our heart, and opened our eyes, and we made a commitment to God, and we were praying at the concert, and crying like really hard, i just wanted to let you guys know how much you impacted our lifes, and we were wanting to thank you, and like tell you, but we couldn't find you, but i don't really know you guys, but i love you so much! you girls are truely amazing! (:




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