I live in Montgomery, IL. Midwest girl too! I love your music... keep it up!


I love God, music, my family and friends. I want to be a missionary someday.


hi my name is abby and i love outdoors, barlow girl!, and living for god and being myself.



Just drinking cofee


How did you hear of !band?: 
I went to Barlowgirls Myspace site and heard "A million Voices" After that I was hooked.

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I am a man who just got through having leukemia. I'm in my third year of being in remission. When I was getting chemo. the Lord spoke to me and told me to take it like Job. He lost everything, but he was still in sackcloth and ashes. He praised God through his troubles, even when he lost everything. So I praised God through my chemotherapy. And I got through it. But, because of chemobrain, I was out of the word for a year. The Lord is slowly bringing it back. I read 1 and second Samuel yesterday, and your song beautiful ending really hit me hard. David crashed and burned when he had Uriah the hittite killed. He crashed and burned hard when God cursed him. We need to look at the mistakes of the bible so that we don't make the same mistakes. Another one of your songs i really hold dear to my heart is "Never Alone" I hear that song and I think back to the hospital. I felt Jesus by my side.

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