Me and my nephew Bryan and my neice Yasmin at Club 3 degrees




I feel I missed an opportunity

Love and War Tour - Fri, Feb 26 2010 - Spokane, WA

Faith Bible Church
600 W Cora
Spokane, WA
United States
Fri, 02/26/2010
7:30 PM


Crew soccer game

This was at a Crew soccer game, at the stadium. :D It was fun-- the first crew soccer game I've been to.


I'm Denitaaaa.... and I go to Tree of Life Christian Schools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its probably the best thing that has ever happened to me.
I also play soccer, cheerleading, and I'm going to start up track in the spring this year.
About BarlowGirl,
This band is on my top favorite singers/bands! You guys are amazing song writers and singers. Like, they help me
me realize that God is there for me, and that we can stand out in the crowd and be heard through God.
And I love the new album! (My favorites are Beautiful Ending, Our Worlds Collide, and Hello Sunshine!)

*Plus, the Superchick and Vota and BarlowGirl concert was awesome! I loved all the new songs.
And what got me REALLY excited was that I could meet them! I've heard about BarlowGirl since I was like 10
and I always wanted to meet them. (Also Superchick too.)

YOU GUYS ARE Sweettttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well...this is most likely funny to most people that a guy is signing up for an account on a girl band website..
but that's ok, I guess Ill deal with the haters. Anyways, God has been good in my life and has been with me all
along the way. I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home and by parents who loved the Lord. But I walked
away from the Lord for a period of time. I went through some dark years and years of frustration. God began
to work in my life and He gave me a second chance. Its kinda cool cause God used people like BarlowGirl and
Jeremy camp in my life to point me back to Him, remind me of God's love, and encourage me in the battle.
BarlowGirl's music has made an impact on my life, but the music is not the only thing that has impacted me.
The life of these girls, their standards, and their desire to fall in love with God first has really impressed me
and encouraged me. These girls are real and they truly love the Lord. A friend of mine talked to a band that

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