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Well hello! My name is Julia. I have 3 sisters n 3 brothers! The arts are my life. I am in Varsity Choir at my middle school and in the OAP cast for 2009-2010! I am also aprt of my schools drill team. Dance, singing and acting is what ivve always been into. I plan to go to Julliard and major in theatre! I am also apart of a campus mimistry program. I love it beacause i get to share the love of Jesus christ with my school. I do what i do every day because God is always with me! Ive been planning to start a christian band for a while now and ive started reallly getting into it! I havnt really decided on a name yet so please comment and leave me ideas1 The band is ganna have kinda a Paramore rock sound to it and also Barlowgir sweet to it!! Smile God loves ya!

- JuLiA rHeA





I love BarlowGirl!!!! im a competetive dancer and cheerleader. i love proclaming God's word in everything i do.


How did you hear of !band?: 
Well, I am almost always listening to Christian music so I first heard them on KXOJ in Oklahoma! But I also listen to them on Air1 as well! Plus I like to browse iTunes and try out new Christian bands I haven't listened to before!

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I really am enjoying life as it happens! Enjoying my youth group, school, friends, family, GOD, listening to BarlowGirl's music, watching their videos on youtube...lots of other stuff too. I love shopping, texting, and hanging out with my friends. I keep striving to have an even better relatioship with God; at the moment I'm in Bible Quiz for Northeastern OK, and I'm enjoying that too. I've learned from the Barlows that I don;t want to worry about relationships and whatnot so...I'm following their example and not worrying about guys! So, that was a short amount of info for you! :)

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I'm kind, friendly, krazy, funny,and awesome. :]


I'm a born again Christian... I think that's what I'm called. I grew up in a Wesleyan Church and walked away
for many years. I'm 43 now and it took me to go through a bad relationship AGAIN... to find myself seeking
God and the safety of the Church to put me back on track, to be with Good people...God's people... where I feel
comfort and safety and security.

I brought my children to Church when they were little.... the seed hadn't been planted
deep enough for my lost & struggling son... but I see so much of me in my 19 year old daughter...
she struggles but she knows that faith is strong in our bloodlines...
my mother... my Grandmother (mother's mother).

As a young girl, I learned that my Grandmother was the closest person to God... I truly believed that long after she passed
in 1995. I remember when I was about 4 or 5 years old... I caught my Grandmother kneeling at her bedside


Im me...

revelations tour

OMG im so excited to see you guys at the revalations tour!!!!! Can't wait
god bless

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