hey everyone Dancer4God here wanting barlowgirl to know that at my school we do talent days they are any talents you think is cool you can show it to your classmates im doing a dance and the song is come alive by you guys i adore that song!i might post a video of it here on my profile. im so exited please tell me some how if your coming to IL soon. your amazing

JESUS is the way,



Concert in Phoenix on March 6,2010

I want to thank you guy gals for making my kids night. We went and saw you at Bereans Christian Bookstore cause we just couldn't afford to take them to the concert. You gave us free tickets. Our girls we sooooooooooo happy.
The concert was so great!!! It was more than a concert it was a great way to worship. It showed our family that worship isn't always on Sunday morning in a building but it is everywhere at any time!!! It is in everything we do. If you listen to music that isn't God worthy than its not right. God should be at the center of our being. He should be in everything we do. Even listening to music. Thank you from the bottem of my heart. As a mother that can't give my kids things it is nice to know that they can turn on the radio and there is good music. Not stuff that will cloud their minds with the wrong impresses of what the world wants them to be. It is nice for them to see that real people are out there that believe in God and follow His word and that it can be done.


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i adore barlowgirl im christain and im a dancer


I like Christian concert. The first time I attend the Barlowgirl concert, in Calvary Chapel of Oceanside, March 5/'10 Even though I live in Fallbrook Ca its like 30 to 40 minutes drive. It was so awesome, the Testimony was very touching. The words of their songs are just amazing. I have their c.d's. The barlowgirl are so GIFTED and Ordained by the Word GOD.
I love the Lord, born again Christian by God's grace. My favorate verse when I got save was in the book of Psalm 46:1 GOD is my Refuge and Strength a very present help in trouble. Anyway I attend the local church and my husband and grandson (Jaden) he is 5 yrs old. My grandson can recite Psalm 23:1-6, and the Lord's prayer Mathew 6:9-13. Take care,

In His Grace,



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