I'm ashley my whole life I grew up in a Christian family but a lot has changed since my perfect Christian life. My parents hot a divorce and everything changed. I felt like I lost everything....I mean I still feel like I lost everything. I'm still trying to figure out everything and I hope barlow girl can help me find my way out..... or hopefully someone can.....

Love and War Tour - Tue, Feb 23 2010 - Cheyenne, WY

Cheyenne Hills Church
7505 U.S. 30
Cheyenne, WY
United States
Tue, 02/23/2010
6:30 PM

Venue is 81 miles N ofKXWA1707 Main St # 302Longmont, CO 80501(303) 702-9293


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Husband...father..and uncle. My niece loves your music and will be at Thursday's concert in Missoula, MT. She lost her 8 year old sister to a heart attack last year, and is traveling 200 miles to see you in concert. Can you dedicate a song to her? Her name is KRISTIN LOEWEN. She and her family would be so grateful,,,
thank you..
Peter Wall
Missoula MT




my name is lauryn wiggins i'm 15years old and i'm in fourth grade. i love barlow girl i also like to tell you my favorite songs. they are never alone, beautiful ending, i need you to love me , sing me a love song ,and tears fall. tears fall almost had me and my mom in tears. but but the barlow girl's cd has been an inspiration for me to start writing gospel music and singing it all over the world. all i use to talk about was being on disney and singing the devil's music but ever since i started to listening to barlow girl i have giving all my attention to GOD. thank you barlow girls for teaching me that it's not about what devil wants it's about how GOD wants to use you. and thank you for also teaching me it's not about singing for these unholy people but it's abot singing for GOD and letting him use our hearts. well alright i gotta go bye.

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This is Twitchy the Squirrel. He plays every sport that Camp Happy allows. -Squirrels might have ADD, but that gives 'em super speed ;)

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