How did you hear of !band?: 
My mom and Dad got me a cd for my birthday 2 years ago.

LifeFest 10

BarlowGirl, still rocking!

LifeFest 9

BarlowGirl performing Million Voices.

LifeFest 8

Lauren rockin' her hair.

LifeFest 7

Alyssa in a perfect pose for me to take a picture. LOL!

LifeFest 6

Becca during Come Alive.

LifeFest 5

Have I mentioned that BarlowGirl is the kewlest band EVER???

LifeFest 4

Lauren doing an amazing job on the drums.

LifeFest 3

Alyssa rockin' the bass.

LifeFest 2

Becca is such an awesome guitar player!

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