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Hey, I'm Emii. I'm 13 years old, love writing, reading, blogging, music & playing my purple electric guitar. I'm also currently writing my first novel, and I've just hit 60,000 words... my goal is to get it published. By the time I've finished high school, even -- if that's even possible. Well, everything is possible with God -- and seeing as that's pretty much why I'm living -- I'd say it's pretty possible. We'll see, right? :)


How did you hear of !band?: 
A friend sent me one of their music videos and i heard the song Not Alone and was touched by the words n the presence the Barlow girls have =)

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The Name's MARLET...
My #1 addiction is GOD!!
I believe that all things are possible through Christ
Jesus died for our sins and because of that we are free.
We are no longer tied to the lies of the devil.
Ever since i started a relationship with God
my life has never been the same.
Its been 4 years since he healed me of seizures
And He is still healing me.
he has helped me do changes in my life
that i couldn't do by myself
without him i would be nothing in this world.
and if he did it for me he can do it for u too.!
we are all his kids and our father doesn't like to
see his kids suffer...just cry out to him.
no matter what u are goin through he is listening,
he always is, it's up to u to make the first step.
Call on to him, invite him into your life.

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my BFF

Me and my baby cousin



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