I'm Royalynne. I love to sing and act and hope to use the talents I have for God's glory. I am fully behind what BarlowGirl is doing. Keep up the good work! You guys rock!


My name is Kieran, i am a 14 year old Christian and i live in the south east of England. Iv recently been interested in Barlow girl and would like to know lot's more about you all and would love to see you in concert. Just wondering if you have written any books yet ?


hi how are you barlowgirls, my name is josue dominican republic'm not speak much English but I am a completely worshiper and follower of Jesus Christ my email is,, accept that I really like to know everyone, and spy his fans # 2 after Christ, and I would love to know much to the drummer. and that's all pleasure, that the lord bless you


I'm a father of a 9 year old girl who along with her firends (The Sonshine Girls) got to meet you ladies Saturday Nov 7 in Webster, MA. I couldn't be there, my wife and I had a previous commitment. We rent part of a two family house from our firends who were there. She was supposed to spend the night downstairs with our friends Saturday. However, when they got home after the concert, she was so excited, she couldn't wait for the morning to see us. She came right upstairs, forgot her friend and the sleep over, woke us up and proceeded to talk my wife's and my ears off until almost 1:30 AM. I understand they got to meet with you after the show as well. Thank you for taking time to minister and encourage the young girls of today. Your unabashed approach to Christianity and purity is a shining light in this age, and it is appreciated. Thank you for the example you are setting for the next generation! Stay blessed!

Million Voices! 11.7.09


best ever! so intense.

Come Alive - 11.7.09


becca and the background

becca being awesome

our worlds collide

lauren and alyssa during our worlds collide. front row center is me. it was amazingg. this is my dad's pic.

Me and my little brother with Donald Duck!!

we went to Disney World and met some friends.

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