Concert Last Night

Last night was the most amazing concert I have ever been at. I don't know if Alyssa was talking specifically to me but she sure kept looking in my eyes when she talked about someone in the front struggling with a fathers love and trying so hard to be accepted by him. I now realize for the first time ever that I need to be accepted my my true father in heaven most of all and I can turn to him at any time even when I feel as though my earthly father has let me down. Thank you all so much for something so amazing last night. I hope to see you again in concert that would be wonderfull! : )


Anime After School Sunset

They are the best!

Let me just tell you...that Barlowgirl is the best band ever! Today was the 1st time I have ever saw them at Shepherdstown. They are absolutely gorgeous...and the Amber thing tonight was amazing!!!:)


I am Ashley. Tonight was my 1st night seeing Barlowgirl and you guys are gorgeous and amazing! I am a christian and trying to become a better christian. and BTW I'm 16!:)

My pumpkin and me! :)



Erev Shabbat

I can't wait for Friday night! It is Erev Shabbat! I will be helping my Mother bake the bread (Challah) and too. Erev Shabbat is a time where the whole family gathers around the table to share meal and light the Shabbat candles. Being Jewish, my family and I, have our Sabbath on Saturday. I will share more later. :D


israeli star

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