Clan paw

Clan paw

she walked away


Levi...My basset houng mix!

My Student Arts Iin Chicago!! Im in the front far left!

That's Me!!!! A JESUS FREAK!!!


Hey Ya'll yeah i just said "ya'll" Im from Georgia and i am new to this thing so if i stick SAWY!!!! anyway life is awesome especiallly since God gave me ears to hear such a wonderful band! As you May not know i have been in foster care for about 12 years..yeah a long time, i know! So being able to go to concerts is awesome thing you see i love Barlowgirl songs. I mean they all seem to go strtaight to my heart. And im blessed evrytime i hear them. And thank you Laurnen,Alyssa,And Bekka For taking your time to do what God wants ya'll to do in your life! GOd Bless you All So Much!


Matthew 7:6 Give not that which is holy unto dogs, neither your PRECIOUS ONES to the pigs, lest they trample THEM under their feet, and TURN and rend (tear up/hurt to difficulty to recover) you.

Jesus/God loves

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