practicing before holiday olympic tournament


How did you hear of !band?: 
One of my friends was singing and playing your song 'Never Alone' one day at church, so i asked her who's song was it, so she told me " from a group girls called BarlowGirl. So i didnt give much importance. It wasnt after a few months that i was on the internet and BarlowGirl came up when i was searching some insight on christian behavior for Youth (girls). I saw a coulple of interviews and since then i've been a huge fan of your life style. cuz in this new times its hard to find great examples of what following God should be. And after God, and my parents of course, you guys are my examples to that everyday i can live up to Gods standars...a little more.

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I'm an average girl and all, but with the brightness of Jesus on my face. then do my record 'Cause ... I love barlow girl and sing and dance songs of them, caught in the power broom and pretended to be my guitar (laughs) or picked up sticks and pretend to be barbecue drumsticks of lauren not hilarious?! so I just wanted to say that I am Brazilian
but the times are modern! have small schools of English class here in barsil! (laughs) well that's it!
hope you like my personality!

Ah! send a kiss here in Brazil! 'cause as Brazil loves them!
pra els and also come to do a show here again!

a kiss and stay in the peace of the Lord Jesus!

s2 Bianca s2


Million Voices

Million Voices live from their show in Longview, Texas.
They're amazing live...


My name is Lauren and I love Jesus. He is absolutely amazing and I can't believe He keeps blessing me the way He does. My favorite band is Barlow Girl. They are so inspiring to me. I love watching them sing and just outwardly share their love for God. It's amazing. Jesus loves you very much!! :)





I am a member of Bethesda United Methodist Church
I work as a fill in Bus driver for Davidson County Schools
I saw you at winterfest and when you got started touring with Carman

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