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A few months ago my friend asked me to go to a concert, I said yes... Best Decision Ever. I had heard a song or two before but it wasnt until accepting the concert invite that I realized just how amazing BarlowGirl is. Thanks Kaycee :] Like really, idk if you know how thankful I am that you introduced me to Barlow, your a superly terric awsomely great friend!

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I'm Amber and I love music. I'm living in New England right now but in January I'm moving to North Carolina for college. Hopefully being down there I will get the chance to see BarlowGirl more! Lol. I like to joke around and be funny... making people smile feels awsome. I also love family time... which I don't get often but when I do its pretty sweet. I have many friends but only four besties, and they are truely the most amazing people. I feel really lucky to have great family and friends. I know alot of random facts, and I am open to alot of things. I don't judge people or their views and I'm really happy I can accept everyone for who they are... not everyone can. Thats pretty much me in a nutshell.... Oh, and........ I kinda LOVE BarlowGirl. :]

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me. :)



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I am 13 and LOVE music and sports. I can play drums. I also LOVE to sing, i sing on wendsday nights at my church.


Love the Lord and love to listen to great worship music!!!

Life is a stage...

"Life is a stage, and we are merely the players." I'm sure you've heard that quote at some point or another. As someone who loves performing, I can relate to this. But is your life a play worth watching?

Last Friday, I performed in my school's one-act play, Butterfly. I was the lead, and I was sooooo nervous. I was jittery for hours before the play. But time didn't slow down. I got my hair and makeup done, and donned my costume. At seven, I stepped on stage, no longer an American teenager, but a Japanese geisha in the midst of World War II. I inevitably mad mistakes, and, according to my parents, the play was hard to hear (gyms have very bad acoustics). I had thought I had done well, but I still knew there were things to work on before competition.


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