Hi girls am Joseph from spain and I am a web designer in the process just wanted to give them a suggestion, your web designer made several mistakes when you create it. I have a page displaying those errors so you can correct.
and this page give you the grade of valueor range that google give to you´re page:
these errors if a not corrected this page with Google marks bad note and will be more difficult to find this page by linking on others web site
I hope that this information could be to come in useful girls well see you god bless you ^.^


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I am 16. I love music, I listen to it constantly. I listen to a variety, Christian rap, Contemporary Christian, Christian rock, and more...I listen to music while I'm working, if I'm just being lazy, while I'm on the computer, and when I'm working on school. I'm athletic and love to either play or watch any sport (except golf) as much as I can!! I'm planning on being a nurse when I get into college. I am homeschooled, and a junior this year. My dad is a pastor at a small church in a little town in Kansas. Been here for a little over a year and a half. I have lived in Kansas my whole life. It's my home..

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How did you hear of !band?: 
I think through, Wow Hits 2007 or Air1 - I don't exactly remember

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Hi, I'm Becca, and I'm a Christian - I've been a Christian for about 8 1/2 years.
I'm a freshman, and I go to a tiny school, in a tiny town located somewhere in the Midwest (in USA)
I played on my school's JV and Varsity team this year, and our Varsity team won 3rd place at the 2009 ACIS IL-IA tournament (bascially state for us small Christian schools)
I love to read, and write - absolutely love to write.
I usually write fanfics - to see them visit
I also like to create videos to music I like - to see them visit

My favorite bands are:
Flyleaf and Skillet
My favorite singer is:
Taylor Swift
My favorite BarlowGirl song:
"Sing Me a Love Song"
My favorite movie:
Return to Me
My favorite book:
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
My favorite color:
Favorite Bible verses:
1 Timothy 4:12 and Isaiah 41:13

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