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Come be friends everyone, we don't grow unless we have a network and love for each other, this is a great band, this is a great faith! We have eternal life, let's make the most of it!

Brian Butcher

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I first saw you out in Monterey, California . . . . at Sprit West Coast. It was incredible, you all have a beautiful band and faces, please make friends with Super Chick and keep it up! We love you. I bought Another Journal Entry at Berean in San Jose, CA the other day and think it is so special. There is a beautiful girl at our church and she sang one of your songs this Christmas at church. It was incredible, i hope you girls can met her! She has a special husband boy named Matt. He is a teacher and a good man! We go to Mexico to build homes every April, I hope you can make it out there with us at some point! Well, I love you music and if you ever need anything at all give me a call, it is fun to have friends! Spirit West Coast is a great concert and I hope we can continue to fulfill God's message to the poor and oppressed through music and making it happen! Toby is great, Newsboys and Need To Breathe, check them out, they are so cool!

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I am just doing my best to follow love and Christ!
I love your music and your message of goodness, forgiveness and comfort to those who hurt. You girls are an important part of God's kingdom, helping others and making others special is so special! Keep up a message of being positive and love unconditionally, I am listening to your music right now and it is super duper! I love you girls and if you ever need anything just know that I am here for you!


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I am from San Jose, California. We have a Christian Store right near the Chuckie Cheese. On Tuesday's they have discounted compact discs for sale, they are like ten dollars. They carry your music thee, it is a very special stroe to myself and a lot of other peopl! I have Another Journal Entry and have the other one that is out as well. These are both incredible, the music is great and the message, In my opinion, reaches so many people of the Lord, not of the Lord. Continue to allow your sensitive and kind spirits to reign ouwardly to all people! I saw you all at Spirit West Coast two years back and it was incredible. My favorite song might be Enough, but . . . I love For The Beauty Of The Earth As well. They are a lot of kids out there that want to be reached, they would totally look up to you girls! You all are doing such a great job spreading the love of Christ, continue to reach us all! You are beautiful, your voices are beautiful!


This picture is soooo cute! I love it! : )



This is always the absolute hardest question to answer. Well, about me? Hmm? I am in my 30's (a girl never wants to reveal their real age) ... I am extremely happily married to my husband since Dec. 3 2004. We have been together 6 years all together, yet known each other for 16. I have 4 children. 2 from a previous marriage where I unfortunately found out too late that we were better off friends! My children are" daughter 11 1/2, son 9, son 5 and son 3 months. I am a student achieving my 3rd degree. I help tutor for reading at my children's school, am the young youth group leader at my church for the k-5th graders. I say I am new to faith since I found God just 7 short years ago. I try to be intentional in my life, but sometimes fall very short. I thank God every day for my life and all He has blessed me with and for sending people into my life who lead me to Salvation.


I am a young man who firmly believes that God is not joking when he tells Christians to be perfect. Everyday I look at the kind of world that we are living in and I think of when Christ said, "As it was in the days of Noah, so will the coming of the Son of Man be. For in the days of Noah men were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, right up to the time that the flood came and took them all away; so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man." I have answered the call to full-time ministry, have enrolled in an online Bible college, and am currently working on obtaining my ministerial credentials. The Lord is leading me to be actively involved in several forms of ministry, and to hold the ministerial offices of an apostle, evangelist, and teacher. The Word of God is my lifeline, and being actively involved in worship of God is my passion. My worship consists of prayers, music, literature, and study.


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